Browns open to trading up for Trubisky

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by PRAY IV M3RCY, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Gut

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    For Arizona to move up to us, they'd essentially have to give us their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks for pick 5 and 100 (3rd round). good trade for both sides but I get the sense Arizona will not trade least not to 5. they want to win and don't think these qb's are worth not getting talent they need to win now!

    Texans would have to seriously mortgage the future to move up to 5...and we are division rivals. Realistically, Id swap 5 for 25 if I also got back pick 57 (2nd round) and their first round pick in 2018 and 2019. Their entire 2017 draft doesn't make up the difference moving up from 25 to 5 in round 1.
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    I can see Houston moving from 25 to 18 for Mahomes but again trading with a division rival would have to include a little extra I would think.
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    Unless we are pretty sure mahomes sucks bad. In which case, sure neighbor. We will trade.
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    I think you look at the trade value chart too much. Personally, I don't give two ***** about that chart. Good trades don't happen with that chart.

    If we are losing out on a high level play maker, I want more than a 33rd overall pick. Not a first rounder - I'm not crazy, although if they are I won't mind it, and they have a history of doing worse. You don't do trades because they are "fair" though, you do trades because you need to, or they aren't fair...for the other team. And to be honest, the starting point of what is fair is a similar offer to what we gave to CLE last year for a lesser pick. In my opinion, we can start negotiations at a RD 2 pick and future 3rd rounder and work from there to see how desperate they are for Mitchell...which believe it or not, I believe is a lot higher on people's board than people realize.
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    5 for 12,33 and Josh Gordon ;)
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    For 12, 33, and the cheerleader of my choice.
  7. Gut

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    Personally, I probably wouldn't do that unless we really had a good idea of who we wanted and though we could get the same caliber player at 25 as 18. But 18 is usually around where certain players will come off the board. If we want a specific player, good chance he won't be around at 25. Plus, Houston wouldn't want to give up their 2nd round pick because it's over paying by about 50% and we don't wanna drop that far in round one for a mid round and late round pick.

    Not sure Mahomes makes it that far as a lot of teams see him as a guy who they think will fall to them.

    If we weren't missing out on a particular guy and houston gave up its second round pick this year (or their first next year), I might do that.
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    being your sex slave would be a promotion to any Browns "cheerleader"

    thats gotta be the worst job in sports
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    Actually, plenty of good trades happen based on the chart. Our trade is roughly based on the chart.

    But we gave Clev a 3rd up front and a future 2nd (which normally is considered discounted a round because it's a year later). So in that regard, we gave up about 390points for a 350 point jump. And it's a good thing we played well or that 2nd would have been a lot higher for them!

    But I think you use the chart as a rough guide. Draft picks and players are currency. If you overspend, you give someone else the advantage ON THE FIELD!

    Teams will go above or below the chart depending on what is being coveted and how desperate a team is. Cleveland has been rather shrewd with their trading and aquisition of picks so I think it unlikely they are will to go too far beyond the value off the chart as none of these QB's in a #1 overall type guy. I think if you still will have 1 or 2 players you would have taken at 5 and can get at 12, you make the move. Remember, unless we absolutely must have a certain player at 5, there a bunch of players with roughly the same grade. Some of them will go top 5 and some will go top 10 depending on team preference. I'd rather get an extra top of the second if I can and still get a guy I want in the first round!