Brown Trying to Put Durability Issues Behind Him

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    SUMMARY: RB Chris Brown entered the 2005 season with doubts that he could stay healthy for a full season. With only four games remaining, Brown has participated in every game for the Titans this season though he's suffered a few setbacks along the way. "Last year, he struggled with the toe and then the ankle and didn’t finish the last four or five weeks and this year he’s been there just about every week," Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said. "There have been situations in games when he’s got a burner or something like that but he’s been there week after week which is good. That’s our hope - is that we can finish up strong the last four weeks with him, but at the same time give Travis [Henry] his share of carries." Brown will be trying to finish strong and needs 276 yards to hit the 1,000 mark. "In his case, I think he has something to prove personally, in that he was not able to not start or finish a year in his first two years here, so this will be good for Chris knowing that he started off a season strong and knowing that he finished up strong," Fisher said.

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