Brown shrugs off Tannehill tackle

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    MIAMI Titans linebacker Zach Brown faced plenty of ribbing in the locker room, but that’s what happens when a quarterback tackles you.

    In the fourth quarter, Brown read Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s eyes and intercepted a short slant pass intended for Jabar Gaffney.

    It looked as if the speedy Brown would take the pick 84 yards for a touchdown, but Tannehill hustled and tackled him after a 47-yard return to the Miami 37.

    “He is faster than I thought he was,” Brown said. “I knew nobody behind me was going to catch me, and then I saw (Tannehill) about 20 yards downfield. I’m thinking, ‘I’ve just got to run. It’s the quarterback.’ But I lost (sight) of him for a minute and then he just seemed to pop up at the last second.”

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