Brown Puts Trade Talk Behind Him

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    SUMMARY: Titans RB Chris Brown has put any trade talk behind him and is focused to being productive this season. "I’m here, ready to start all 16, go out there and help this team win like I know I am capable of doing," Brown said. "It’s in the back of everybody’s mind their contract year — you’ve got to go out and have a great year and show out." RB Coach Sherman Smith says the contract issues didn't effect Brown. "That was all talk," Smith said. "He was doing what he felt he needed to do to try to get something he wanted. I evaluate him on what he does on the field and he’s performed on the field."

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  2. Gunny

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    Ready to start all 16 games, but ready to finish?
  3. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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  4. Crash Override

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    We should put Brown at WR, his natural position. He obviously can't endure being a work horse running back.
  5. Titansfan10

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    his natural position is running back... at northwestern they just wanted to move him to wide reciever....which is why he left for colorado
  6. fltitan

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    We need to keep all 3 running backs, start Chris but get LenDale and Travis carries to keep Chris healthy as long as possible when he gets injured the other two will have game experience. With the QB situation as it is now the only chance we have to win is run the football. If we can run the pass rush is slowed down and DBs have to play closer to the line and then maybe we can throw the ball.
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