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    As soon as Peyton Manning started facing Tennessee twice a year i immediately started hating him.For about fifteen years now i've disliked the ******* about as much as you could a person.In fact the Colts and Ravens are easily the two teams i hate the most followed now by the Denver Brokehoes.As far as Peyton giving us the cold shoulder he can go to hell in a handbasket for all i care.I will never forget when Fisher put the Manning jersey on right then and there my feelings changed why in the world would you admit liking much less wear the uniform of your most hated rival?
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    At least their not scum like ravens fans.
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    All those seasons of having to face him in the division, and we still end up seeing him once a year, it seems.

    I've disliked the guy before he went pro, all the hype about him in college was such a joke. Letting him orchestrate the band, all the ass kissing and fantasizing, and he goes to the pros and tortures our home team for almost 15 years, and still continues to embarrass us on a once a year basis. He even got the colts the division title by beating us today.

    The only solace I have in him still being around is that he's a real pro at choking when it matters, and he never got a national title in college, that was the season AFTER he graduated. boosh.

    I just wish people around here would just jump off the manning band wagon already, he left UT a loooooong time ago, it's time to move on. --;
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    Oh, yeah, Don't forget, I still hold that hatred for the ravens when they were in our division so many years ago. That fat sack of crap Tony Sirigusa, Ray Lewis, Jamaal Lewis, and all their trash talking bullsh*t, ugh, I always hated playing those jerks.
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    I think Peyton would have come if Palmer wasn't our OC. He mentioned how he "bonded" with Munch and how it was hard to tell him he wasn't coming. Man, how things would be different.

    One of the Titans beat writers, I think Climer, wrote an article this week on how things would be different if Peyton chose the Titans. One thing he mentioned that I hadn't thought about was Welker would be a Titan, because we pursued him in FA but he wanted to catch balls from a big time QB.
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    Some people can never let go of the past.. Usually it's because their present is so terrible.

    Worshipping a QB who played for them (and subsequently did nothing for them) 15 years ago... Plain silly. They should be praising Tee Martin, who actually did something at UT. But.. Whatever success they can latch to, I guess.

    At least floridians have a good reason to have a tebow statue. He actually did something for the program.
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    Worship is exactly what it is, it's borderline Fetishistic.

    Manning broke a couple records at UT, sure, but he never got to the national title game.

    Poor ol Tee Martin got them to the championship, and everyone forgets him.

    It just grates on the nerves, seeing colts merch in local stores well over 500 hundred miles away from that market, when Titans merchandise should be lining the shelves, just because of who their QB was. If I start seeing Denver stuff being sold at the local walmart, I might have a nervous breakdown. lol

    15 years of this crap is ENOUGH! I know our Titans suck, but can't we see something similar to the unwavering salad tossing of the UT college program?
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    It is SO Peyton manning to break all the records, then crumble against his biggest opponents (never ever beat Florida). Some things never change.

    I guess tee Martin didn't have enough nfl success to make them forget how horrible their program has been for a long while. I guess they get to live vicariously through manning. Good for them.
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    Eh, let 'em I guess. It just gets so old hearing about it.

    Oh well, I still like the titans, even though they suck.
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    Don't worry guys...hopefully we'll get the last laugh before he retires...somehow...someway