Britt Placed on PUP List

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. GTFO my pancakz

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    And we won't know unless it happens.
  2. TitansJonne

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    Don't get too worked up on this. The only reason he is on PUP is so that if anything happens to aggravate it, then he won't take up a roster spot. Also it's so they don't have to put him on IR and have him out all season.
  3. Soxcat

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    Obviously they don't want him to aggravate the injury but there is also the issue of a roster spot now. If he can't participate having him PUPed means they can wait until he is ready to bring him on the roster and they don't have to make a cut to make room for him. No reason to take up a roster spot for a guy who is not ready to practice.

    Peyton Manning got PUPed last year and the Colts have PUPed Sanders this year. During the pre-season a player can be removed from the PUP at anytime (the team may have to cut another player to get below the roster limit) but once the season starts PUPed players can't return for 6 weeks.

    Because the Titans will be playing 5 pre-season games Britt will still have a chance to play in 4 pre-season games and unless he sits out past the HOF game he will still have opportunities to get some game time. I'm not sure making comments his rookie season is some how a loss at this point make total sense. Obviously he will have some catching up to do.
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