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    My concern with Britt is WR is a much harder position in the NFL than RB (where you basically just take the ball and run) and DT (where you basically throw the guy in front of you to the side and go after who ever has the ball). The best WRs work their butts off to hone their skills, sharpen their routes and those little differences make a huge difference on Sundays. Britt can always be a decent WR with his skill set and physcial ability but if he wants to rise to the upper tier of WRs he is going to have to get to work.

    I don't care if the kid is only 21 or what his mental problem is he needs to get with the program or he will be just another WR instead of a real good one.
  2. Deuce Wayne

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    Britt doesn't even like football, so seeing him act not-so enthused isn't really surprising.

    He only plays because he's good at it. He's not a fan of the sport.
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    It's not like every team has a Jared Allen. Overall, I believe Kearse was better. You have to go back ten years to see how great he was. I agree with the rest of your post.

    I was arguing against Haynesworth (and others) becoming a good player because he skipped OTA's. The only thing that ever motivated Haynesworth to play better was money. Had nothing to do with him skipping OTA's.
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    I think you guys are overreacting here. Britt will learn his lesson. I don't think he's a diva yet. A lot of guys have this issue, as they adjust to the next level. You go from having a schedule every day (in college) to having free time. Some people don't adjust well, but I think Britt will learn from this. He has a chance to be a star in the NFL, and he's just getting started. If he's not in shape by TC, I'll be worried. But it's just the start of May.
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