Britt’s injuries slow chemistry with quarterbacks

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    When wide receiver Kenny Britt sits out Thursday’s game against the Cardinals, it will mark the sixth preseason game in the past seven that he’s missed. That’s a lot of missed opportunity to gain chemistry with quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker.

    “I feel like I’m coming back from the lockout again,” Britt said Sunday. “It’s crazy because last year I didn’t have the whole camp with them and I came back the last preseason game, and then we only had a week to get ready for the first game. Now I feel like this is doing the same thing.

    “But I’m paying attention in the film room, watching more film, going in the training room and making sure I’m ready. I’m trying to watch the guys practice and see what they’re doing out there. Hopefully I’ll know all the plays and signals when I come back.”

    Britt continues to rehab from three knee surgeries in the past year and says he feels good about the progress he’s making – physically and mentally. “I’m getting my confidence more and more every day,” Britt said. “That’s something I really need at this point – the confidence to cut (with) my knee and see how I am.”

    Britt said he’s heard no word from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell regarding a possible suspension after being charged with DUI recently. If Britt is suspended, he’ll have to continue his rehab efforts on his own. He won’t be allowed inside the team’s facility for that time.

    Source: Titans Insider
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