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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Jan 1, 2006.

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    I agree this game was pathetic, but Im not sure I would right us completely off next year to at least be a competitive team who has potential wild card, or at least 8 or 9 wins season. One, we started a dentist at QB, so obviously the offense was going to struggle. Plus Brown was out and they obviously wanted to evaluated guys like Nash to see what their potential was. If the young guys like pacman, hill, laboy, and the receivers improve and we draft well and get a quality free agent to fill a few spots then we could certainly be at least competitive for a playoff spot. But thats a lof of ifs, and I think Floyd will be more on the heat seat than Fisher. I definately expected this team to be close to .500 going into the season, so they definately werent close to my expectations.
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    Jeff Fisher's coaching is not the problem....... the front office is and maybe some of the other coaches LIKE JIM SCHWARTZ. Coaching is what kept us in alot of close games this season including that 14 point comeback against the San Diego Chargers with the second best record in the NFL and we gave them a run for the money. However, when you cut all of your production from the off season and fill in the gaps with rookies and nothing else it is hard to maintain anything week to week. Look this is a very very thin team in alot areas.

    NO WR that can be counted on to catch the ball or be in the right place however I think there is some talent there with B Jones R Williams, and Roby maybe as role recievers but not a play maker just good 2nd and third choices I really think they need to and get a Stud reciever. The O line is a major problem and that needs to be fixed if we hope to have any running game. Tight ends is about the only place on the entire team that is fine and have talent and depth. Defense is a MESS there one of the only teams I have watched that can blitz and get no one to the quaterback or any pressure #5 Gray never even got his jersey ruffled and he is the 3rd string and torched the starting D for the Titans. Everyone on the Titans was awful from Bulluck to Jones and points in between they could not tackle anyone. Bottom line as far as this game is I am concerned the season started the way it ended blown out, no tackling, no guts shown, no one will get up and knock someone on their butts some heads need to roll.

    I guess the entire Titans nation is feeling angry, frustrated, and have a long long long offseason ahead. I hope the Mcnair situation can be resolved but with the track record of this GM it will probably be Preseason opener before anything happens. Hopefully he will not wait to the last minute like usual.
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    dude seriously, there was no way we could have kept those guys. give it a rest.

    like i said in a previous thread. would you like to have restructured mason, pillar, hopkins, olsen, mcnair, carter and rolle all for this season... only to push even more money into the future?

    all teams go through this, it's our turn.
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    Wow... that was awful

    You have to feel for guys like Bulluck, how embarrasing

    The real problem is there are too many problems. ONE draft will not come close to filling the holes that need to be filled next season. Even though I'm relieved that this season is finally over, I hope no one is expecting too much for next season. I think it's realistically going to take 3-4 years to get a good team back on the field. I hope I'm wrong and it comes sooner than that.
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