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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Here's some excellent stuff breaking down Matt Schaub's performance against Miami on Sunday, courtesy of Doug Kern of ESPN Research:

    • Schaub finished 22-for-42, for a .524 percentage. No QB with 40 or more attempts has won with a completion percentage that low in the past two seasons.

    • He did his best work throwing deeper passes.

    Matt Schaub pass chart: October 12 vs. Miami Dolphins
    Att.Comp.YardsTDsINTsRatingLess than 5 yards176420119.56-15 yards1691561184.415+ yards9718100118.8Totals42223791271.4
    • Schaub, who missed last week's game with a viral infection, started off slowly.
    Schaub's slow start Att.Comp.YardsTDsINTsRatingFirst two drives52260217.5Rest of the game37203531095.5Totals42223791271.4
    • The ESPN Insider preview indicated that Schaub would look to his "perimeter targets", namely Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter, to exploit a variety of offensive formations and mismatches. That turned out to be true, judging by his much-higher ratings down the sidelines.

    Schaub by direction Att.Comp.YardsTDsINTsRatingMiddle1981251242.5Left or Right23142540098.8Totals42223791271.4
    Andre Johnson catches by direction Rec.YardsYards after catchTDsMiddle33691Left or Right7142880Totals10178971

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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