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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky David Garrard got sacked just four times in Titans-Jaguars II, a three-sack improvement on opening day.

    Was I a little harsh on him Sunday night when I wrote in my game column post that he needed to do more to carry the Jags considering his contract? Maybe.

    I understand he was getting little time and was without his top receiver. But still, I do think the offseason extension -- six years for $60 million with $18 million guaranteed -- creates expectations and suggest a team expects he can carry it even in difficult times, certainly more effectively than he carried the Jaguars on Sunday.

    While Titans quarterback Kerry Collins was bad in the first half and better in the second, Garrard moved in the other direction. He was OK in the first 30 minutes, then very unproductive in the second. He led the Jaguars to three first downs in the second half and three-and-outs on four of eight possessions.

    Following the Titans' touchdown that made it 14-10 Jaguars, he led a three-and-out series. Following the touchdown that put the Titans up 17-14, he moved his team 31 yards. From there, the offense had three consecutive three-and-outs, his one interception and, after it was behind 10 points late, a stall after moving all of 14 yards.

    While the Titans won the game in large part because Collins was able to find Justin Gage with long balls, the Jaguars were without the injured Matt Jones (their most productive receiver, but not usually a big downfield threat) and couldn't hit on anything big even with third-stringer Chris Carr on the field at left cornerback most of the game.

    With Jones out, this would have been a big game for Jerry Porter to finally make some noise, but Porter, Dennis Northcutt and Mike Walker did little with their chances. Maurice Jones-Drew is dangerous with the ball in his hands, but if he's the most effective pass-catcher against a premier defense, it's going to be hard to be successful.

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