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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Courtesy of ESPN Stats & Analysis, I got some excellent material that fleshes out Kerry Collins' performance in the Titans' Monday night win over the Colts.

    The Titans rushed for a team-record 332 yards a week ago in Kansas City, but the Colts held the Titans to only 88 yards on 31 carries. Kerry Collins was forced to come up big, and he did not disappoint. Collins set a season-high in completions by focusing on the intermediate passing game:

    Distance ThrownComp.Att.YardsTDsINTsRatingBehind the line2340070.10-14 yards21311660080.8Over 15 yards13230061.8TOTAL24371930077.9 The Titans make no effort to focus on a primary receiver as they don't have a clear-cut first option. Collins split his targets evenly between the skill positions, taking what was made available.

    PositionThrown to
    ReceptionsYardsTight ends
    13979Wide Receivers
    Running backs
    89 Offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger allowed Collins to throw often on first down, with excellent results. Collins also came through on third down, which contributed to the Titans' crucial edge in time of possession -- 34:14 to 25:46.

    DownCompletionsAttemptsYards1st Downs1st down9155812nd down8126053rd down710755

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