Breaking Bad: The Final Season

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    Hank was easily my favorite character. I found myself yelling at my TV when he was almost killed by the brothers the first time, and screaming at it when he died. Hank was the ****.
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    Am i the only one who hated hank?
  3. RavensShallBurn

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    Hank was funny, but he was a massive douche at the same time. He was funny in that douchy kind of way. He was passionate about his career, but he treated his wife (who admittedly sucked ass) like sh*t.

    She tried taking care of him throughout that whole ordeal, and he just had a sh*tty, pitiful attitude and got mad at her for calling his minerals "rocks."

    All in all, I liked his character, but not THAT much.
  4. CRUDS

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    Hank was great. I wouldn't necessarily get along with "that" guy or in real life but this character I found enjoyable to watch on the show. In any other instance Walt would have taken some measure to have such a major, chronic thorn in his side removed from the picture - but Hank was family. The episode where Walt and Jesse are trapped in the RV on the junkyard lot and Hank is outside - great stuff.

    Marie was a good character as well and one of the few regrets about BB was that they never spent more time in regard to her klepto/personality issues etc.
    Anyone who has sisters-in-law etc. is going to encounter a wifey character similar to Marie. You want to kick her square in the face at times and she's always unquestionably right. Played to near perfection..
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    I did not haye Hank. But I did not like him at first. Hank is far from a perfect person. But he might be the only one in the show with a pure heart. He meant well and always did what he believed was right. I would br happy to have a guy like Hank in mu corner. Despite his variois foibles.