Breaking Bad: The Final Season

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  1. Ryno

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    It was good.

    As a finale I liked the way they tied up all the loose ends and made sure to not leave any wtf moments.

    By the same token though it truly was one of the most predictable endings to a super complex show. Just from the discussions in this thread everyone could pretty much agree with

    The fact that he wasn't going to kill Elliott and Gretchen - check
    Machine gun to obliterate the nazis (though the mythbusters garage door remote control rig was a cool touch)- check
    Save Jesse - check
    Kill Lydia with the ricin in the tea- check
    Jesse payback on Todd- check

    Really the only thing i didn't see coming was Walt dying by accident from his own stray bullet.
  2. TheSureThing

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    died saving the ones he cared about

    -we can assume Skylar traded the location of the bodies for immunity
    -Walt Jr and Holly's futures are now completely taken care of
    -took a bullet for Jesse in order to free him from jack

    OR DID HE DIE??!??!?!!

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  3. RavensShallBurn

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    You were right...

    But I (along with most) pretty much nailed the ending tonight. I still loved it, and the so-called "predictability" only made for more suspense IMO. I didn't actually think Walt would use the ricin on himself... I was simply just naming out possibilities. I also figured it would be used on Lydia. I considered the possibility of it being used on Elliot and Gretchen as well (even though TST's idea was awful lol) due to how pissed he was and the fact that he was heading to their house. I also was very happy Jesse got to kill Todd - I've been wanting that for a while.

    Ended beautifully unlike garbage Dexter.

    This will always be my favorite show. Nothing will top it (for me, at least). [SPOILER/]
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  4. RavensShallBurn

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    Can't always wear a condom, but I had to be careful. Wasn't about to risk it.
  5. The Playmaker

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    I thought it was a really good finale but didn't give us that twist or something shocking that most finale's give. Which is why I just gave it 9/10, most people basically predicted what was going to happen in some form or fashion. I'm glad they tied up all the loose ends and we saw Skinny Pete and Badger one last time (which was great) but a pretty simple episode really.

    -Walt accomplishes his main goal in supporting his family (you can also say getting recognition he's been longing for since he's a very smart man but instead of it being in the field of science with Gray Matter it came by Heisenberg).

    -Jesse survives and gets a clean start. We saw him grow arguably more than Walt in this series so was really happy he didn't die, honestly thought he would kill himself after what happened last week but after killing Todd of course.

    -Thought ricin was for Gray Matter but Lydia would've been my 2nd choice. Now thinking back killing his old partners didn't really make a lot of sense and that scene in their house was amazing. Glad Lydia died and cool way for Walt to do it.

    -Family lives off 9 mil and they're set for their lives unless Walt Jr blows it on buying a few Denny's franchises.

    -Nazis died, Jesse gets revenge on Todd, and Walt goes down fighting (like he's referenced in past episodes) instead of withering to cancer.

    Like I said, all in all it got the job done but was hoping for a bit more shock and awe. Still a great finale, just not the best like some people on various sites have said, hello Sopranos.
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  6. GoT

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    I liked WW having SP and Badger calling the DEA with false reports of WWs location - brilliant
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  7. TheSureThing

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    I'm honestly the most bummed I've ever been that I won't be able to watch another episode of a TV Show for the rest of my life
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  8. Titandude

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    The writers of the show left their fans satisfied instead of pissed! I thought it was brilliant how he used Grey Matter to get his money to his family. Like others, I will miss watching the show! Damn great show!
  9. Alex1939

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    That was my favorite scene of the finale. Not just that he used them to transfer the money, but he had a little fun scaring the piss out of them first.
  10. xpmar9x

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    I still wish that they wouldn't of shown the "flash-foward" at the start of season 1. Would of been a lot better not knowing if Walt makes it through every episode. Or that Walt was eventually going into hiding and return to kill everybody. I just think you take out that part and this season would be a little bit better. I sitll loved it though, dont get me wrong