Breakdown of the running game vs. Jets/Chiefs

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    Told you over and over... Warmack is Andre Smith version 2.0; that is not a good thing. During the draft process I pointed out over and over that he doesn't have the movement skills to block in space and that he doesn't fit a zone blocking scheme. Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.
  2. TitanJeff

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    Kansas City Game

    First Quarter:

    Titans 18. CJ for 1.
    CJ actually stutter-steps before entering hole up middle. LB is standing alone five yards away. CJ cuts left as Levitre is getting pushed into the hole.

    Titans 23. CJ for 6.
    Good OL push. CJ finds seam but doesn't explode through.

    Titans 29. CJ for 3.
    Eight in the box. 2 TE. Pitch to CJ. LDE contains pushing CJ inside. Stewart's man slides down line and makes play as CJ cuts back.

    Titans 32. Battle for 0.
    Turner doesn't hold block.

    Second Quarter:

    Titans 20. CJ for 4.
    Warmack pulls left and knocks LB back. CJ is running wide left but CB comes up and makes tackle.

    Chiefs 48. CJ for 2.
    Turner is getting pushed into the hole forcing CJ to cut back into the mass of the defense.

    Titans 35. Battle for 0.
    Chiefs have nine in the box and the OL gets no push.

    Titans 47. Battle for 37.
    Roos pushes defender inside. Battle breaks tackle at LOS (Walker's man) busting it outside for the long gain.

    Chiefs 1. Battle for 0.
    No push but Battle ducks head and runs into the backside of blocker instead of hitting seam to his right.

    Chiefs 1. Battle for 0.
    On 4th down, Levitre pulls right and Mooney is also going right. There isn't any push but Battle goes up the middle instead of following his blocking.

    Third Quarter:

    Titans 22. CJ for 4.
    OL moved the Chiefs and CJ attempted to cut back and ran right into an unblocked defender.

    Titans 48. CJ for -4.
    Draw play. Warmack whiffs who turns CJ inside and into Roos. He attempts to turn and bounce it back to lose yardage.

    Titans 49. CJ for 2.
    Warmack and Stewart are double-teaming the defender who pushes both into the hole to make the tackle.

    Chiefs 34. CJ for -2.
    Warmack misses delayed blitz by MLB who shoots through to bring down CJ.

    Chiefs 26. CJ for 1.
    Turner doesn't hold block and Warmack whiffs on pull.

    Chiefs 2. Battle for 1.
    Warmack takes his man down. Mooney blocks LB on the left. LB on the right slides down to make the hit.

    I'm not seeing much space here as the Chiefs DL manhandled the Titans most of the game. Someone was getting pushed around on most every run play. Overall, OL don't get a push and can't maintain their blocks. Add to that CJ isn't bursting through what small seams there are and is going down on first contact. He also isn't making anyone miss when he does get some space. Battle seemed to run to darkness on the goal line carries and, when given the opportunity to run over a LB, folded on contact.

    I thought Turner did better in this game than he did against the Jets and Warmack worse than his game against the Jets which wasn't good.
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  3. SawdustMan

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    Thanks for the breakdowns TJ.

    Bruce has got to go. This is just ridiculous. And I still think we need to be limiting CJ's carries, at least until the OL improves (if that even happens). If the blocking is this terrible and CJ isn't making anyone miss on his own, then what good is it doing to give him the bulk of the carries? At least Battle/Greene can push a pile and run somebody over every now and then.
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    I'm giving Warmack a pass only because he's a rookie and has faced some tough tackles so far this season. I don't think it's realistic to blame Bruce as long as we're seeing improvement during the season with Warmack. If he's still doing this stuff in December, I'll start to worry.

    I'll speculate that the plan was to start Schwenke but he gets hurt and misses too much time leaving the decision starting a terribly inexperienced rookie next to a rookie G, playing Turner who should be a #2 C/G or playing Velasco who we know was not any better. I'd be surprised if Schwenke isn't the starter after the bye if Turner continues to play as he has.

    To my untrained eye, it doesn't look like there is much chemistry between this OL and CJ so far.
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    I think it's realistic due to the fact that our OL went to dog-caca as soon as he took over. And the Texans OL was dog-caca while he was there then suddenly improved when he moved on.

    Don't get me wrong, I know the players are the ones out there screwing up. But that's a hell of a coincidence if you ask me.
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    hard too ignore
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    We were all sold, by analysts and the Titans FO, over and over how Warmack was the most pro ready player in the draft. Seriously though guard is the easiest position to learn on offense so I'm not giving him any slack for being a rookie. The guy just doesn't fit this scheme and it sucks because I called it all along. I want to wrong about him but I've watched the games.
  8. TitanJeff

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    What scheme is that?
  9. The Hammer

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    Thanks for the breakdown. Good to see it spelled out this way.

    Maybe if JCBRAVE is bored at work today he could turn some of these into GIFs :D
  10. TitansWillWin2

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    Battle's only burst is when he uses it to run into the back of our linemans with his head down!
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