Breakdown of the running game vs. Jets/Chiefs

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    The best part of watching the coaches film is you get a solid view of OL play. I'm going to review the run plays in the last two games and post what I see. I'll add to this post over the next couple of days.

    Jets @ Titans
    First quarter:

    Jets 18. CJ for 6.
    CJ hit it wide left with a great block from Roos.

    Jets 12. CJ for 8.
    Big Country/Walker opens hole and Warmack gets a good push.

    Jets 4. Battle for 2.
    Jumbo with two blockers in backfield. No OL push but Battle runs over LB in the "hole".

    Jets 2. Battle for 1.
    Jumbo again. No OL push. Thompson misses block who engages other blockers and stacks up the play.

    Jets 39. CJ for 2.
    Turner badly beaten and driven into the backfield. Warmack gets push. CJ cuts back and stumbles.

    Jets 16. CJ for 0.
    Huge hole but LB moves down quickly before Turner gets to him.

    Jets 16. CJ for 3.
    Warmack gets knocked aside by Stewart engaged with the DT so misses MLB who slides over for the tackle.

    Second quarter:

    Titans 36. CJ for 0.
    Warmack pulls and whiffs on the tackle who blows up the play. Levitre gets caught for hold.

    Jets 26. CJ for 2.
    Turner is being pushed around. CJ cuts back right to a huge hole only to juke left back to the defender. Warmack whiffs on the LB.

    Jets 24. CJ for 0.
    Turner's man runs down the LOS to make tackle. Stevens doesn't hold block on his man who is also in the tackle.

    Jets 6. CJ for 2.
    Out of the shotgun. Good hole. CJ runs right into MLB and goes down immediately.

    Titans 24. CJ for 4.
    Warmack whiffs on LB. Levitre doesn't get out to OLB. Both converge on CJ.

    Third Quarter:

    Titans 20. CJ for 0.
    Turner gets blown up by a bull rush. Mooney doesn't hold block.

    Titans 31. CJ for -1.
    Delay handoff. CJ takes step and does the stop/hop because no hole. Warmack pushed backwards and makes tackle.

    Titans 35. CJ for -3.
    This is when Fitz came in after the Locker injury. Jets played 8 in the box. CJ has nothing so trying to bounce it outside. Stevens doesn't hold block.

    Jets 40. CJ for -3.
    Turner misses block forcing CJ to bounce it outside. Jets converge on him.

    Jets 41. Battle for 4.
    Warmack and Stewart don't hold blocks but Battle pushes hole and LB.

    Jets 37. Battle for 2.
    Warmack pulls left. Battle bounces it out wide due to no hole and is taken down by the CB.

    Titans 13. Battle for 10.
    Blocked well (especially Turner) and Battle hit it up the middle.

    Titans 23. Battle for -1.
    Turner blown up. No chance.

    Fourth Quarter:

    Titans 42. CJ for 2.
    No push from right side of OL. Got stacked up.

    Titans 48. CJ for -1.
    This was a the pitch out wide to CJ. The CB came up and made the tackle. CJ didn't do anything to make him miss.

    I won't do the final few runs in this game because the Jets were stacking the box since the Titan had the big lead.

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  2. Kaeotik

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    Appreciate this.
  3. Big TT

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    So, the answer, or part of it is SCHWENKE
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  4. edward nigma

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    Schwenke and trying something different. If Turner can't move Poe or get any movement, then stop running behind him and try running off tackle. What happened to the 3 TE look we ran against the Texans where we created space on the edges. Also, I wouldn't be opposed to an unbalanced line every once and a while just to show teams something different.
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    Our team motto is "different is death" so that's not happening
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    Added second quarter of Jets game.

    From what I see so far, Turner and Warmack are the two biggest issues on the OL. Turner is getting overpowered and Warmack struggles especially when asked to go out to block a LB.
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  7. Fry

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    That's been an issue all season. He can't get to the next level. Happened a half-dozen times against the Texans alone.
  8. Alex1939

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    Warmack is a rookie, give him time, its only been a quarter of the season so far.
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    The third quarter and some of the fourth is now up.

    Same story... Turner is getting pushed around or not holding his block long enough. Warmack is getting beat too often as well. CJ doesn't seem to have the initial burst of speed Battle does at the snap. Battle's burst and ability to push the pile is why he rarely has negative runs. CJ is prone to do his stutter-step if the hole isn't there and try to bounce it wide.

    The Jets have a great front seven. The LBs seemed extremely quick so understand how challenging it would be to get to the second level for the OL.

    I'll take a look at the Chiefs game soon.
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