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    MINNEAPOLIS A year ago, Brandon Barden didn’t get much of a chance to show what he could do during the preseason.

    A hamstring injury limited the former Vanderbilt tight end to just two snaps in the preseason finale. The Titans team elected to keep Barden on the practice squad after final cuts a year ago, however, and he played in three games after being called up to the 53-man roster in December.

    He’s healthy this year.

    “I think I am coming along well,” he said. “I am fast, I am strong and my body is feeling good. It is a complete different side than I was in last year.”

    With stiff competition at the position, however, it will be difficult for Barden to land a place on the 53-man roster.

    Delanie Walker, Craig Stevens and Taylor Thompson are all locks, and undrafted rookie Jack Doyle has also played well. There’s a chance the Titans would keep four tight ends.

    Barden, who has three catches for 16 yards and a touchdown in the preseason, has tried to keep from wondering about his fate.

    “If you think about it too much it can eat you up,” he said. “I know I can play in this league and right now all I am trying to do is every snap I get in the game, take full advantage of it. Try and make a play when my number is called, and if not, block the best that I can and everything will fall into place.”

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