Bourdain takes the easy way out

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 520, Jun 8, 2018.


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    It takes some balls to take your own life
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  2. avvie

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    Yes, it's downright silly. I have never heard of anyone who would have experienced that many. A couple were understandable; most were not. The real kicker here (that will probably meet some resistance due to it's absurd melodrama) is that two of them were the mothers of close friends, one of which was a woman of constant sunny disposition who constantly told me how happy she was that her son and I were friends. We did NOT see that coming. The first one I encountered was my own mother, and people DID see that one coming but coudn't stop it. My entire family has been screwed up or at war with each other ever since. That's one of the primary reasons that I am waaaaaaaaay out here and they are waaaaay over there.
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  3. RTH

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    Back in 2004, I had a bout with depression after a major surgery. I "saw" that particular door ajar in my mind... but it remained that way during that period and eventually closed.

    Mine was due to a traumatic event that threatened to change my life after living a particular way for about 25 years then about a full year of relearning everything AND knowing that I would be starting over after that year of recovery.

    My girlfriend, now wife, told me afterwards she almost left me because I was a totally different person.

    Now... instead of one traumatic experience to instigate this depression, make it clinical depression that is ongoing and has to be dealt with every day.

    Yeah... it's not being cowardly, fighting clinical depression is extremely difficult.
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  4. The Hammer

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    He is playing a show at a place a 5 minute walk from my home ( h/t @Gunny ) later this summer. Can't wait to go.
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  5. 520

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    Well the head racist basically outed himself. On a post saying sexism racism no isms belonged at the event he chimes in saying “multiculturalism? Fuvk that that doesn’t belong here either!”

    Clicked his page, all about TRUMP!!! so suprising
  6. The Hammer

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    Speaking of mental illness

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  7. HurrayTitans!

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    I see a couple trying to put a logical stance on an illogical decision.
    No one alive will ever really know what those that take their life are going through (or went through).
    It's just tragic those left behind, not necessarily because they lost a close one, but because of so many unanswered questions.
    Even worse, is reflecting on all the different occasions where we reflect back to moments where had we known something was up, we could have acted differently.

    It's also a genetic disorder. Less than a year has passed since a good friend of mine took his life. His father, grandfather, uncle all had committed suicide and even though a couple different signs were there, no one really saw it as happening until it happened.
    It's not fun, I don't think he was weak, I'm not angry at him for leaving, and if anything, I saw the absolute best in some other people as we celebrated his life. He will be missed just like I'm sure Anthony Bourdain is/will be.
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    Yeah I think it's just a tough thing for some people to understand severe depression and what living with it is like. It's not like a broken arm or something, where even if you have never experienced it you can at least kinda sorta imagine what it's like. If you've never had mental health issues or had a close loved one who did, it's all too easy to write it off and say "just get over it p*ssy."
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  9. DanPastorini

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    Sorry, I'm part of the red pill crowd and don'
    Think he did himself in. But the so called good life isn' an a reason for or against...except that you pretty much sell your soul to To be that famous. .

    Frankly, I didn' even know who the guy was.i don't watch stuff he's on..
    I don' understand people talking about him like 5he are sad about it. He' just a dude on your tv. You don't know him. He didn' care about you and there's really no need to know who dies in the entertainment world.
    Didn' affect my life at all and the only reason I know is because I turned on a pc or tv.
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  10. 520

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    I took some personality test. I’m special as fuxk I’m a logician that only fits 3% of the world.

    This totally makes sense

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