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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TBC_titan, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. TBC_titan

    TBC_titan Camp Fodder

    Ok folks, do we have any people who has knowledge kinda like Tim Roth's character in Lie to Me on here?
    I've been studying body language and facial gestures for a few weeks now and am learning little by little.

    But I'm having a heck of a time deciphering body language in a certain context.

    I work at Verizon supporting IT equipment for several retail stores in this area. I have about 100 end users, many of whom are fairly attractive females.
    Since I have a rapport with my users, I do talk to some of them on a regular basis, almost to the point of flirting with them (the women that is).

    I was talking to one of them this morning and she assumed a specific position when talking to me. Now that's not special by itself. However, she is the 4th girl that I've talked to in the past three months that has assumed that very identical position.
    The stance being, they are facing me, with one foot about a foot directly in front of the other (with the front foot pointing towards me) rocking a bit back and forth, with their arms loosely folded under their rack.

    So what's confusing me is that the crossed arms is usually a defensive/standoffish gesture. So are having your feet crossed. But facing someone is a good sign. It indicates you have their full attention.

    Now, keep in mind, all four of these girls are fairly attractive, and while I'm not out to date any of them, they do seem to like me and like talking to me otherwise and the feeling is mutual. Two of the girls, including the one this morning actually came up to me and said 'hi' first. So I don't think they were assuming the 'go away, I don't want to talk to you' stance.

    Any ideas?
    Considering their arms were folded under their breasts and not over them, do you think the arm crossing is a comfort gesture in this context, rather than a standoffish one?
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  2. CRUDS

    CRUDS Go Team! Staff

    I think it means this...
  3. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    maybe you have c-ocky a-hole game. a whole lot of single chicks are into that. just do what you do and if the fish bite set the hook.
  4. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    if a chick wants you and you're not getting the hints, she will let you know loud and clear. and if you still dont get it she will move on.
  5. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    If she acting dimbooish and is asking alot of dumb questions, then she's probably flirting and just talking to you for the sake of talking to you..

    Try making a comment and look for her body language when she's responding. Try to be a little witty too. Suggest a phone to her that her "husband/boyfriend" would like.. If she's interested then she'll probably understand what you're trying to do, and she'll be a little more obvious, play with her hair a little.. rock further back and forth, and tell you right away that she isn't married and doesn't have a boyfriend.. Then again, if she brushes off the comment and responds with something around the lines of "umm.. yeah.. anyway, so like i was saying.. does this motorolla come with an 'off' button".. then you're probably just imagining it, and its probably nothing.
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  6. Hoffa

    Hoffa Freak you you freakin' freak

    When in doubt, whip it out...
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  7. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    :ha: off button...
  8. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

  9. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    Well, I personally believe too much is made out of crossed arms being defensive. It really depends on the context. I do it all the time when listening to other people (especially if it requires actual thinking on my part :ha:)

    I have no idea about the stance, probably have to see it...

    I think you also have to remember that being in an IT support function usually gives you a position of power (not world domination, but still) and this could lead to some customers being insecure, in particular if they're not IT savy, which could easily lead to them adopting a position that leaves them less vulnerable.

    Note: Any advice given in this post is without warranty and the author claims no expertice in the field of topic outside the purely academical.
  10. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    that would lead me to believe that they're not over 50 yet and the puppies are still plump
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