Boclair is clueless... (Finnegan contract)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans2004, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. ImATitan

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    I think Finnegan needs to be back. Yes it's been a pleasure to have Finny/Mccourty/Verner but that doesn't mean we should end that now. I think Mccourty is good enough to be a #1, no question. I'm not sure about Verner as a #2 though. His lack of speed means he has to play far off his WR and usually allows a catch but then makes the tackle instantly. Can't be having that every time a team only has 2 WR out there. We need to keep Finnegan. Yes I like Chris Hawkins and Tommie Campbell also but there's no way we can match or top Finny's intensity or team leadership on defense.

    And like TorontoTitan said, the nickel package seems to become more and more important every year as the passing game continues to dominate NFL offenses.

    I think we need to get a deal done. Also re-sign Babs, let Griffin & Hope walk and find a new starting FS in the first two rounds of the draft or via free agency.
  2. griff33daddy

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    so your saying he moved to the nickel because we were getting ate alive from the slot position....from who? 3 of the teams we play twice dont really have a slot receiver

    texans only got andre
    jags have no one
    colts have no one to throw so it doesnt matter who the receivers were...but it would be collie who is as fragile as glass after his past concussions....
  3. Bulluck

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    I'm more worried about getting eaten alive by tight ends than seeing the 3rd receiver go off. Hopefully we've seen the last of that with the new class of LBs.

    OT, but how nice was it to watch the Lions-Saints playoff game, see Tulloch get torched over and over by Graham, and realize he wasn't wearing two-tone blue? Man he can't defend the pass worth anything.

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    He's so compact it's hard for him to extend himself to reach the ball. That plus being a midget doesn't help vs the pass.
  5. steverife

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    They moved Finnegan to slot because McCourty and Verner are good at keeping the play in front of them and Finnegan is more aggressive, so he can do things like disrupt the route and blitz. It worked out great for the Packers and Woodson.

    I thought McCourty was fantastic all your. Pro Football Focus said that he was thrown to the 3rd most times in the league and gave up the 2nd most receptions. That in part has to be Finnegan's presence. The good news is that his yardage is way down the list and he only gave up 1 TD.

    Titans need Finnegan's edge and leadership.
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  6. Bulluck

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    No disrespect to the guy as he played his heart out while he was here, but he had some serious short-comings in that area.

    That's a good stat. There's also no telling how much better those two would be on the outside with 1) a better pass rush and/or 2) better safety play over the top. The Titans admit they can't cover most guys one-on-one with McCourty/Verner on the outside and that makes the safeties so much more important. Griffin and Hope (when he was playing) were really exposed as a result.

    They need to keep Finnegan and Babineaux and try and find another guy or two in the draft/FA that can have more success over the top.
  7. Psychop1

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    By everyone since Fuller, who was the last DB we had that could play nickel.
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