Bo Scaife's "Real UT" comment.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by LasombraKnight, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. NYCTitanfan84

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    Wow !!! This is not what I expected when I came into this thread. Thats all about school pride..its not to disrespect anybody. Same as when certain USC players say "the real USC" because the University of South Carolina has the same initials. All school pride..I dont think its anything to get in an uproar about but each its own.
  2. Tman

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    The aggys (that's Texas a&m to yall), really enjoy calling the University of Texas (UT), TU. So if anything, he's directing this comment at them and not the University of Tennessee.

    Since some bring up the SEC smack here are some fun facts. Texas has never lost to Alabama (7-0-1) who is by far the best team historically in the SEC and has an overall winning record over the SEC schools (even minus Arkansas who we're like 64-19 with) when playing football, including the "other UT". HOOK'EM!
  3. Doubleones

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    It's just being a Longhorn in the state of TN. Growing up in TN, I was a Longhorn fan in a Vol world, and I got so much crap about TN being the real UT. It's all in good fun, but i assume its Bo talking back about TX being the real UT.

    Also, I hate when an alum from the college in which you graduated says his high school. Or anyone who says their high school in general.
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