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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky DETROIT -- Rob Bironas is a big fan of Ford Field.

    The Titans kicker nailed four field goals of 40 yards or more, all in the second half (including one off the right upright, the the Titans Thanksgiving Day rout of the Lions.

    Jeremy Mills of ESPN Stats & Analysis said in his group's NFL warehouse, which has every game back to 2001, there is no record of any kicker making four 40-yarders in a single half.

    "The ball flies in here," Bironas said. "I was here I think in 04 with Pittsburgh preseason and I remember it flying them too. I was enjoying it out there, got a little bank shot on the last one, I'll take it."

    Coach Jeff Fisher always knows how far Bironas feels his range is before a game starts, and Bironas said it was long on Thursday.

    "If we needed it I was ready to go for a record or two," he said.

    Bironas also said he told his counterpart, Jason Hanson, that the No. 3 ball in the batch of balls set aside for special teams plays was flat. Bironas said he loved the No. 2 ball that was often in play.

Thread Status:
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