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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by nickel, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Gut

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    Vig, if Collins was washed up, why would they sign him? If Reese knew he was washed up and that's why he didn't sign him earlier, it makes even LESS sense to sign him just before the season starts!

    Everyone was interested in Culpepper except that we knew he'd get starting QB money and we wouldn't pay that.

    Vig, go back and look through the articles when Collins was signed. He said Volek is our starter. When asked about whether all 3 would be on the roster, he said Collins and Volek could both be on the roster or Mauck could be there. He implied that they didn't think that far ahead and that both possibilities existed.

    Collins never said he'd come to be a backup nor does he say he came to be the starter. He basically said he's gonna learn the offense and what happens, happens.

    In terms of what Volek has since said about that Fisher didn't tell him he'd lost his job and that he just assumed it...was when he was interviewed on Sportsline or something like that live. When he was asked if Fisher told him he'd lost his starting job, he said no, I just figured it out on my own when Collins got a lot of snaps.

  2. Vigsted

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    It makes perfect sense to me. Volek and the majority of the QB's in this league need all the reps they can get before a game. Being the designated starter Volek knew he would have bad odds of succeeding.

    Basically Fisher told Volek, "Look, if you do well you get to remain the starter, but if you do bad we replace you with Collins. Oh and btw we're cutting your preperation time in half, but we still expect you to perform great."
    It's like telling Brown to play a game with his shoes tied together and still play better than White is perceived to be able to.

    So if Volek sucks in the Jets, possibly because he isn't getting enough reps and Fisher puts Collins in for the Chargers and Dolphins game. Do you really think Fisher would pull Collins again if he wasn't better than Volek? I don't and I can't recall any situation where the backup was benched in favour of the starter he replaced in the first place.
  3. Blazing Arrow

    Blazing Arrow The 12th man

    Fluite vs. Johnson was something similar.

    The entire argument that there was a competition holds no weight. If the competition existed why did Volek on his one drive get a TD while Collins in all of his drives did not? If that is a competition the obvious winner was Volek. He lead a scoring drive and completed all of his passes. Collins struggled and failed to put up points. That is a route in most competitions but Volek did not even get that. He was benched even after he out preformed Collins. Even to date Voleks preseason numbers were better then any game Collins has played in for us. Even if you mix and match plays together there is no scenario where Collins shows better numbers then Volek.

    That shows evidence that there is no way a competition existed. To add to all of that if we wanted to get a QB up to speed it would be smart to sit Young for a week or so both QBs that have a chance to start the game get there reps in and understand the OCs game plan. That did not happen either. Young is young enough and we were in an odd situation. I do not see a lack of a couple weeks of 1st team practices hurting his overall development and he might actually learn something by comparing the two side by side to see how they react to adversity or how to more effectively run the offense melding there two styles.

    The people hating on Volek say he has no heart but then in the same breath say his actions to be asked to be traded instead of riding the pine show a lack of character. You can not have that both ways. Either he has the drive to be the #1 and if not with us with someone else or he does not. He made it clear after 6 seasons that he wanted a shot. Better or worst that there are teams in the NFL that would start him and he would like that opportunity. It is like when you get a great job offer but like the company you work for. You can not pass of yourself for the company. In this case a company that would dangle the starting carrot in your face and right as Donkey is about to take a bite pull the carrot away completely to give it to this older jack *ss that has a proven track record for failure. (it's another name for a donkey Jeff;) )

    If he was washed up why would we sign him? Why did the Raiders sign Brooks and George? How in Dayne still playing in the NFL? Why do the Browns have a dark cloud over there organization? All good questions that no one seems to be able to answer.
  4. Vigsted

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    Because Steve Underwood came to town and forced him to sign Collins as he took office as COO, a couple of days prior to the signing.
  5. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    And we believe everything Fisher says? I thought that was the point of the thread. ;)

    Sorry, Gut. I don't believe there was ever a competition. For all we know, Fisher didn't want to wear out Collins' arm since he hadn't gone through a training camp.
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