Biggest Titan Bust???

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  1. HonestABE

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    Who is the biggest bust for the Titans?

    Chris Henry?
    Adam "Pacman" Jones?
    Vince Young?
    Shad Meier?
    Tyrone Calico?
    Paul Williams?
    Kevin Dyson?
    Andre Woolfolk?
  2. Riverman

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    So far jake locker.
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  3. The Hammer

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    Add a poll to this one so we can vote :)

    Mine will be for Tyrone Calico.
  4. TitansWillWin2

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    Andre Woolfolk
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    this is the single most ignorant thing you've ever said

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    Vince Young by a landslide.
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  7. Finnegan2win

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    David Givens
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  8. titan_fan_4ever

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    I would rank them in the following order taking into account position played as well as when they were drafted:

    Tier 1:
    Young - He was supposed to be the 2nd coming of McNair and the guy who was going to lead us to our first championship. The funny thing is even though he was inaccurate and what not, he showed an uncanny ability to win games - and that can never be undervalued, some guys are just winners and he looked to be the part. However, because he was such a baby it just never worked out for us and him as well. He was drafted 3rd overall at the QB position and makes him our biggest bust. TitansWillWin2

    Andre - 1st round pick (granted near the end) but damn, this guy was AWFUL. Lock down CB my a**... If he was drafted earlier, I'da even had him on top of Vince. At least Young provided some great moments for fans, this guy was a strait bum...

    Dyson - Sure he had a decent career in the end but not for a first rounder. Also, as you all know he will always be the guy that we picked right before Moss...

    Pacman - I absolutely loved this guy. But he too was an F'in retarded. He isn't ranked higher because I have a bit of respect for him that he was actually able to get his life together and plays (kind of) well for the Bengals. I remember in only his second year he was ranked by many (Fox and CBS analysts i think) as the other ALL-PRO CB beside Champ. In that same year, he also woulda broken the return TD record (but had like 3 called back or something due to stupid penalties). This guy was going to be a beast for us and I loved watching him play here, too bad. Again, he'd be definitely ranked number 1 in tier 1 because he had the most STAR potential of the three before him, which technically makes him the 'biggest bust,' however, the fact he got his life back on track takes him down a bit... Also, it sucks for him because all of his drama really derailed his career and he was never able to realize his potential...

    Tier 2:
    Chris - The dude was blind, all the speed in the world with absolutely no vision - highlighted by that ever so famous 'whack' when he was returning a kick and ran strait into a DT....

    NOT A BUST: Ty Calico!!
    (The Hammer)

    Calico was a great pick!! If he hadn't had repeated injuries to both his knees he woulda been a legit star for us, no question. The dude tore like 3 ACL's and 2 or 3 MCL's. Don't forget that he suffered initial injuries to both knees as a result of a horse-collar tackle. So this guy definitely gets a pass...

    Rewind to his rookie year, and all I can think about is how happy i was with the pick.... Don't forget he did really well especially considering we were a run first team and had a plethora of other targets on offense as well (mason, macarins, bennett, dyson, wycheck....). Also, he was a good person and not a trouble maker either. He tried to rehab all he could as well, this i remember, but i always thought we rushed him back which really hurt him (and us as well).

    Calico would have probably by his 3rd year overtaken Mase as our #1. Throw in Eddy, Frank, J-Mac, Dyson, and Drew and your looking at an elite offense (also, that's back then we had amazing O-line as well).
  9. TitansWillWin2

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    I dont see how Vince can be considered a bust considering he won us many games and actually took us to the playoffs? Was he as great as we all thought he was going to be? Absolutely not. But he was in no way a bust!
  10. The Hammer

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    True, I should not be including a guy who had as many injurries as Calico as a bust. He gets a Ki-jana Carter/Steve Emptman pass on that one. It was a shame. He was a guy I really liked and was excited for. He was an amazing athlete and had a great attitude.