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Discussion in 'Gear' started by maximus, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    They sell so many, because teenage kids beg their parents for them because they're the "IN" thing. I wonder how many "iRivers" were on Christmas lists the last 2 years? Do you? Now, do you really, honestly, truly believe that it's because the iPod is a great product? Again, there are equal or better products for less money. Soooo...please, help me out here. Oh! I know, it's easy to use! lol That's what is making kids beg their parents for them. I've been through many mp3 players, and I'm yet to find a single "complicated" one. If an mp3 player is complicating, you probably don't know what mp3's are. So you shouldn't even be considering an ipod to help you. You should go back to cassettes.
    It's trendy. And they're good at making their products seem "hip". That's why they sell. Marketing is great, the product isn't/

    Who said they were designed the same? That's the entire point that's being made is DESIGN is apple's trap. The Nokia looks too plain. You can't show off in the movie theatre with a silver phone with a decent sized display face. But again, it does a lot more than the iPhone. And it's 200 dollars cheaper. Ohhhh I forgot though, the iPhone is easier to use! Because it takes a computer programmer to push a keypad or use a phone with the same setup as previous models from 5 years back. lol Seriously?

    Cool, so still for more money you can get almost as much worth.

    Cheaper yes. Better, yes. (many more options) just don't look as COOL riding in a ford tempo talking on your Nokia as you would with an iPhone!!

    (by the way, i'd own neither. I'm still using my phone just to, you know, call people.)
  2. So, are you suggesting that simply being "cool" is enough to drive sales of a lackluster technology product for 6 years and to the tune of over 120 million iPods sold? Get real. Name any subpar product that ever had such dominant sales for that long. It simply does not happen.

    It's not all that hard to figure out. Apple came up with the best user interface for an mp3 player and no one has ever come up with a better one. The sound quality is excellent. The software is excellent. The iTunes store is excellent. It's easy to get music from all sorts of sources, be it CD, iTunes store, or even p2p. They are the only truly mac-compatible mp3 player. They are reliable. There are all sorts of different versions to suit most everyone's tastes. And they have a ton of very satisfied customers.

    Most people are very basic users. Even figuring out iTunes is hard for a huge percentage of computer users despite how easy it is to use.

    Then explain why the auto industry has more than 1 type of car. And why, even before the iPhone, there were so many different basic cellphone designs...

    Apple didn't invent the idea of different designs. They did, however, decide to employ a design genius (Jonathan Ive) to make their products great.

    Yet it can't do tons of things that the iPhone can. It has a small screen, poor speakers, subpar web browser, makes for a far inferior media player, and a far less intuitive OS.

    More money? Oh yeah... it costs less that $50 more. HUGE savings... :rolleyes:

    No doubt the iPhone is cooler. But hey, it also does loads of things the Nokia (and any other phone) can't. And for close to the same price...

    Me too, but lots of people want a smartphone/iPod. If they are willing to shell out the $400, more power to 'em...
  3. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    It costs 200$ more, but nice try there bud. Name a product that dominated due to a gimmick?

    The nintendo wii is ver apple-like. It doesn't do much, and doesn't compete with the systems of it's kind, but it's just cute enough with a neat controller that it sells more than the competing better systems. Doesn't it?
    (now, i'm waiting for some silly excuse for this one. "but but's FUN!")

    And this is actually very common in sales. So why you wanted me to name a product, while I can name lists of them is beyond me. lol

    Hummer H2 - All style. No power. Cheaply made. A tahoe with a boxy stylish exterior. There isn't anything good about this vehicle, but how many people want one?

    Nikes - enough said.

    Sony products - Vaio, their TVs, etc. All garbage, but they look sleek, so they sell despite their horrible consumer reviews.

    and so on and so on.

    Trends can be forced. And masses of sheep will buy in to them without even thinking about how ridiculous the trend might be.


    Point proven. Americans will buy anything if they think it's the IN thing.
  4. Broken Record

    Broken Record Biscuit Eater Staff

    Converting to MP3 is no problem. I've been in the process of getting everything into MP3 anyway. Is it true, though, that the Windows version of iTunes only syncs with iPods?

    Not sure if this info is dated...
  5. The iPhone costs $400. The Nokia costs about $350-$385 unless you buy it with a 2-year service contract from a phone company. So like I said, the price for the phone itself is basically the same.

    You have yet to name even one...

    The wii sells so well because it's unique in the way you interact with the games. But it's hardly a dominant product. It's sales are roughly equal to the XBox, it's significantly cheaper, and it hasn't been doing it for 6 years. LEt me know when the Wii controls 70% of the gaming market and does so for years...

    The H2 didn't sell well enough to qualify, either. It has good sales the year it came out, but they only sold about 50k H2s in 2004 and 2005 combined. That's out of 34 million cars sold in the US those 2 years. Boy... that's a dominant marketshare... :rolleyes:

    They don't even own half of the US market share. And their shoes are the same as everyone else's shoes, so no one else has a superior product.

    Oh yes... Sony has a dominant 15% market share on LCD TVs (and they don't even sell plasmas). Completely comparable to Apple's 70%... :sad2:

    You should start with the first one then...

    And as I have shown, only good products dominate their market over time. Your pointless list can't come close to comparing with the amazing domination of the iPod.
  6. iTunes only syncs with iPods (and the iPhone, of course).
  7. Yossarian

    Yossarian I am Him.


    :wack: owned :wack:
  8. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.

    The guy dodged everything and owned? What an illusionist!


    The Wii is DOMINATING sales. DOMINATING. And there you go again with your BS excuse. "It's innovative!" lmao. No, it's an underpowered gimmick that sells to the masses because kids think it's cool. It's cute, therefore sells. End of story. Way to avoid basic logic.

    The Hummer H2 sells far more than it should. That's the point. Not everyone can afford one, like they can an ipod, but the fact remains, it's a product that sells masses due to style without anything else supporting it's popularity. Another point dodged.

    Nikes are some of the cheapest made, yet more expensive of tennis shoes. More expensive than adidas, reebok, etc. And they tear up much faster than either. But, again, avoid the point. You're good at that.

    As for sony's 15%, the TV market is MUCH larger and far more spread than the mp3 player market. Where you've only got 3 popular mp3 players, you have 20 popular tv brands.
    Do you do all this while knowing just how much you're manipulating stats? It's pretty cheap. And you trick kids like Murse in to thinking you're bringing up valid points. You've got no conscience.
  9. Yossarian

    Yossarian I am Him.

    he didn't dodge anything, it's you who are dodging everything

    Starkiller is bringing up statistics and granted opinions, but his opinions are much researched and well thought out

    you just have your hater glasses on and you've wandered too far into an argument that you shouldn't have wandered into in the first place...

    Macs sell because they are well designed operating machines that have loyal customers (becuase they love the product, not the gimmick of the product) and as a loyal PC/Windows user for years I can tell you that Macs are on the rise and for good reason... word is getting out that they are easy to use and have a user friendly operating system in OS X

    take a chill pill man and stop trying to take on the free market
  10. ... only in Japan. In the US, the 360 is outselling the Wii by 30%. And the 360 sold more units than the Wii in September.

    I don't have any of them, so I don't have a dog in the hunt. But it is innovative. And you can bet that people will be all over the LucasArts game that let's players swing a lightsaber. But no, it doesn't have the graphics capabilities of the XBox or PS3. They are basically 2 different classes of game machine.

    Marketing isn't the reason people bought it, it's the sheer size of it. The penis envy crowd loved them.

    But the bigger issue is that they didn't sell a lot of H2s over time like Apple continues to do with iPods. They sold well the first year, then sales fell off significantly. Their sales never for a second compared to iPod market share. But even if you ignore that fact, the fact that their sales fell off so much just goes to show that it has no comparison to the iPod.

    And don't try to pretend that cars don't sell to the masses. Most adults in America own a car. There are more car/truck/suv owners out there than iPod owners. Apple has sold 120 iPods (globally) in it's 6 years. There are roughly twice that many cars in America

    Do you have any facts to back any of that up?

    Nike does sell more because they have the names Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods on their products. Let's face facts: advertising works. As long as the product itself is good (at least compared to competitors), advertising boots sales.

    Yet despite that, Nike had just 36% of the US market when Adidas bought Reebok (combined 21%) in 2005. Not nearly the success of the iPod.

    OK, Apple has fewer competitors than Sony does with TVs. But Sony doesn't come anywhere close to dominating their market (Sony isn't even #1 in the US, just globally). Their top competitors (Philips/Magnavox, Sharp, Samsung, and Toshiba) have close market share numbers themselves. Apple's market share with the iPod is 70%. SanDisk is #2 with a distant 10%. It isn't even close. Sony can't even dream of that kind of dominance...

    The facts are all on my side. I asked you to find me a single product that dominated the market like the iPod does for years at a time without a great product and based entirely on marketing as you say the iPod is. You have failed to come up with a single example that comes close to comparing.

    The problem is that you are just a biased Apple hater and refuse to admit the truth.
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