Big Improvement in Coaching over a Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Alzarius

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    In the prediction thread, not a single person predicted a 2-0 start, half picked 1-1 and the other half picked 0-2 (including me)

    Not a fan of the game plans, but if Locker doenst miss an easy slant throw, we are 2-0, which anyone on this site would be more than happy with. In fact, better execution and decision making on several plays and we are 2-0.

    I want this offense to be opened up over the next few weeks. Maybe not into a huge passing team, but a team that goes deep more often to keep the defense at least thinking that it could happen from time to time. Locker has thrown some pretty 15+ yard passes, and his overthrows are generally when rushed so this line is going to have to protect better if we are going to go downfield.

    Giving up on Loggains after his 2nd game is just over reacting.

    As for wanting an elite QB, 20+ other teams in the NFL would love one of those too.
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    Since I cant edit..

    As for defense, everyone wants to pinpoint Willaims as the reason, completely forgetting that JG, during the 2nd half of the season, got much more aggressive with blitz's. I cant find the link anymore, but we were in the top 10 if i remember correctly the 2nd half of the season for number of blitz's called. We just needed the talent to help make it possible and we picked some of those up this off season. They are working together, Williams isnt secretly running this defense.
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    I agree. Not enough credit to JG. Munchak isn't paying him to do nothing. Most people believe he isn't involved or something, but he clearly is.
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    Glad to see some are joining me in giving Gray some credit. The hate for him is strong on this board.
  5. Dman

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    considering how bad our defense was last year, there is some reason for the hate on the board, although hate is a strong word. I don't like gray myself and I give much of the credit to Williams but I hope he is doing something positive for the D
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    He's highly respected. Extremely smart and has the ability to prove he belongs based on his prior record in college. Dude was a walk on and every one of the players talked to him like he was a coach.... He's got that dude.

    The problem is he is still learning the ropes as a rookie OC. As well as dealing with locker as his qb.
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