Big Improvement in Coaching over a Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CJtheBeast, Sep 18, 2013.

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    This coaching staff is ok, nothing spectacular by any means. I can only hope we would be better than last year as our d was horrendous and our offense couldn't sustain many drives. While our turnovers are down, which is something I like, we cannot always count on. Turnovers are the wildcard factor of the game, it can be a bad decision, luck, or whatever but it is something any team should be prepared to face.

    Greg Williams has done an excellent job since returning to the titans, I see a different attitude on defense and I feel they have a fire underneath them, driving them to hit hard, and be disciplined. My issues come on the offense side of the ball. We have to many penalties for holding, and we are stopping ourselves with this conservative play calling garbage. We are really holding ourselves back from seeing the truth which is how far has Locker come since being drafted? I think we have seen enough from locker to say that he will only be an average qb. I really do hope he proves me wrong but if the play calling stays conservative, I think it means one of two issues. The first issue would be the coaches don't trust locker and the team needs to move in another direction, or the second issue would be the play calling has sucked, which I really do believe to be true. My grade for this coaching staff would be a B+ for revitalizing our defense , thank you Williams and no turnovers. This year will be a turning point for our franchise!
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    Gray is not calling anything and for the talent that is there our defense has been better than I ever thought. Watching sunday looked like Williams making the call. Loggains I have issues with but he is an upgrade to palmer and even munch doesn't seem quite as lost on the side lines
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    It's tough for me to render view on offense as Locker's accuracy problems might be the issue more than the play-calling.
    On defense I like what I see. The pressure from the rush is much better with not much significant change in personnel on DL and LB - so gotta credit coaching and utilization there.
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    all that defense credit should go to Williams because gray is terrible! I love the way our D is playing so far this year, we can go far with it, just need to work on the offense side of the ball!
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    I think that we should try throwing deep more often against the Chargers than we have so far mainly because I don't think their defense is as good as either the Steelers or Cows. I admit I don't know all that much about the Charger's secondary but if they are poor in converage we might at the very least get some PI calls and that is just as good as a completed pass basically. Sometimes it appears our coaching staff overlooks that. I think you have to be wise and take the opposing defenses tendencies under consideration, but I hope in at least some of our games the coaching staff has enough nerve to try it when a good opportunity is presented.
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    We haven't thrown deep because they haven't asked Jake to do so, there is something there they don't trust. I would love to see deep balls thrown, and with this wr core, we can make up for the yards that we didn't gain in the first two games. This would be the game to do it to, I agree there. This coaching staff is being too conservative tho, they need to let jake be jake or he will never learn. I want to see some play action in this game before we go deep tho.
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    You don't unleash an unproven QB against the Steelers or Texans D.

    That's just my opinion. We didn't lose to the Texans because of a lack of points. Or even playcalling. We had the right play called on the 3rd down we couldn't convert.
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    first, I think the steelers are overrated and we saw that monday night when they could only get 37 rush yards vs the bengals d. They are in terrible shape right now. Texans are a good ball club and we put points up but it came down to the play calling and mentality of our conservative, dont make a mistake offense. Guess what, we made a mistake and it wasn't a turnover, it was lack of aggressiveness to get a first down, hence fisherball. We should have thrown on 1st or 2nd down as well as 3rd.
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    I think what you have said in this thread is reasonable. The coaching staff has left us wanting on the offensive side of the ball. Still though, it is an amazing improvement over last year.

    You asked what could make it better? I think over the next few weeks I would like to see them open it up more on offense. A lot more. Let Jake move around and try to make some things happen. Spread things out more and try to create more room for :cj: to work his magic.
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