Big back possibilities for the Texans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Texxan

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    Extremely deadly. But look at the top offenses of last year.

    Saints, Broncos, the Texans. All good to great offenses... but no defense. All 8-8. The Texans HAVE to improve the D this offseason to go with the offense and they know it. Its why we trimmed dead weight and got a new Def. Coordinator... one that wants to play an attacking, violent, blitz style D. Our free agent signings have alleviated some pressures on the D-line which makes us more flexible to improve the LB corp. Again, the trade back to snatch up Matthews would be the most ideal situation to unfold for the Texans.

    And there will be a big back like Andre Brown that fits our needs in the 3rd... so no need to waste a 2nd rounder for someone else. And WR is one of our stronger units. So D early this year.
  2. jessestylex

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    I guess, but ive always been a big offense guy. been waiting forever for the Titans to play like they did last season with a pure passing QB. Hope we keep improving on offense. If the Texans do fix their D, then we really gotta step up and get some more power on offense to compete.
  3. BudAdams

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    big back end of the AFC South again....
  4. Blazing Arrow

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    The Titans and the Colts both have good O-lines and while pressure is good your secondary is mediocre at best. When you have to face teams with good lines multiple times a year and your front four are not elite then you will never be able to protect the obvious holes in your secondary. And if you want to be a team that can actually compete if and when they make the playoffs you better be able to support those guys when the blocking works. Reeves, Wilson and Ferguson would not start on other teams. Do not kid yourself.
  5. Texxan

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    Getting D-Rob back last year was big. Not only for his play, but also his leadership. After he came back... the Texans were a better team. He was not even 80% last year.... but will be close to 100% next year and should have more of an impact.

    In regards to Reeves:

    Believe it or not... the Texans like Reeves. He has the athletic ability to be very good, and if he can work on getting his head around he will be. But as the article shows..he will suffice for now.

    We also used a 3rd on a guy we really like in Antwuan Molden. He has all the tools to be a great CB in this league and was killing it on special teams.... a good sign. He did get injured last year and he will have a set back in his curve... but we expect good things from him.

    Fred Bennett was one of the best rookie CBs in the NFL in 07. He hit a sophmore slump last year and the potential is there for the bounce back.

    POINT BEING. After all things considered and despite your stance...we have clearly prioritized other areas up front because the there is a bigger need to fix the pass rush on our team right now. Pretty simple.

    That being said... if Jenkins falls to us, we definitely think long and hard about it. I would also not be surprised if we take a Safety in the 2nd or 3rd.
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