Better Personnel Equals Aggressive Titans Defense

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    SUMMARY: Titans DC Jim Schwartz says his personnel has been upgraded so his team won't require the sort of defensive philosophy they employed last year. "We had to turn into something that hadn't been our identity in the past and that was bend but don't break," Schwartz said. "You very rarely saw blitz from us. We played real sort of safe, sort of kept the game managed. We tried to keep the games close. … It wasn't exactly the way we like to play. You have to do what it takes to win a game and if that means swallowing a little pride, you do." Experience will help as the Titans defense added players such as Ryan Fowlers, Nick Harper and Cory Simon. Free agents from '06, Chris Hope and David Thornton now have a year of the system under their belts. "In the final analysis we have to prove it on the field," Schwartz said. "Just having those guys doesn't make it get done."

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Thread Status:
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