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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by oldoilerfan, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. the daner

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    Good post. I might skew Fisher's percentage of blame in the matter more than you, but I can't argue that Vince didn't blow it with his behavior after the Washington game. I understand Titans fans turning on him for good after that, but I appreciate those that still like Vince and wish him well, as opposed to all the outright haters who love nothing more than to spew mindless vitriol.

    Vince will have a great career somewhere else, I just wish it had been with the Titans. I will pull hard for the Titans again once Fisher leaves.
  2. CJ2K_809

    CJ2K_809 Camp Fodder

    Good luck VY!
  3. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    Nobody's blaming the Falcons now that Vick's having a good season, sometimes it takes a massive change of scenery.
  4. Titansman1

    Titansman1 Time To Start Crushing!

    Come on VY was holding himself back! He's been here 5 years and had plenty of time to take control of his own destiny. You trying to tell me that if he would have came in and lighted things up like a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and conducted himself like a leader instead of a spoiled cry baby that Fisher wouldn't have been thrilled? That he intentionally sabotaged the team and himself just because he didn't like VY? That's silly! I think everyone had high hopes when VY came to town but unfortunately he never developed, as a player or a team leader. Any other team would have gotten rid of him a long time ago. Too bad Bud Adams had a bad case of man love for him because maybe we could have already found a real franchise QB by now. All I can say is finally he's gone, the drama is gone, the pouting on the sidelines is gone and maybe we can find a real QB to lead this team.
  5. 4realz

    4realz Camp Fodder

    Yeah, the year we got the #1 seed only to lose 4 of our last 7 games that year. Thankfully we got to play only one team with a winning record (Bears 5-4) to go 10-0 which help us get that #1 seed. Too bad we didn't do anything with that opportunity.
  6. 4realz

    4realz Camp Fodder

    All the way from Houston Oilers to Tenn Titans from Billy White Shoes Johnson, Earl Campbell, Warren Moon, Earnest Givens, Ray Childress, Steve McNair, Eddie George, VY and CJ as just some of my favorite players. But I got to say this is about as discouraged as I've ever been about the future of our team. I'm not giving up on them, But as long as Fisher is our coach my expectations of being a winning team is pretty much zero.
  7. titanslapifneed

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    I say goodbye and good luck VY, but asfar as some saying they hope he comes back and beats MY TITANS. BULL$%#$. I wish him well and truly believe he has what it takes( if he grows up a little) fisher IMHO held him back but not as much as VY himself. If he does come in and play us i hope we sack him 10 times and win 55-0 because MY TITANS will allways come first period. you dont half to like fisher hell ive broken countless remotes because of him but if you love the titans never hope for them to lose. EVER
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  8. globelieves

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    Goodbye and good luck VY. Sometimes things just don't work out. I would say best of luck...but then you'd wind up in Houston, where you've always wanted to be, and this five-year-old wound you and Jeff have created would never heal, and people on this message board would never give you up. I really liked you. I really had hope for you. I really thought that winner side of you would take us to a SuperBowl. I supported you over Fisher...up until you cursed him and walked. I'm sorry you did that. I still love your talent...but if you'd cared about your fans here in Tennessee, your teammates, the would not have walked out. I know the only way you will be happy will be playing for Houston...what you don't get is that they didn't want you and WE DID.
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