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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, Oct 17, 2007.

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    i was surprised...ITS US..em tyrants are back;jsessionid=C7382D6220B543CA54E7589C389C8A8B

    we are only allowin an average of 63.8 rushing yards per game...that is very impressive and i am very proud of our line as they allow our fast olbs to secure the perimeter while fowler holds his own in the middle (and tulluch on certain downs) i know its been said but obviously i must say it again..i wonder how good our D will be when we get our best cb back to limit the passing yards against us.

    if our D can keep playing like this....and pac can come back in form .....i dont see y we cant have one of the best overall defenses (obvously not for the season long but at least from week 12 onwards we should really dominate and we'll be able to rotate cbs around if needed to keep em fresh while maintaining the depth we need @ that position; while viscously rusing the passer makin other qbs force throws they shouldn't while maintain that run stuff ability...i very much so like our potential)
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    It's possible that when Pac comes back we wont have Albert anymore.
    I think our defensive sucess has a lot to do with being healthy. I don't think anybody has missed more than a few plays on defense. I mean the front seven is almost exactly the same as last year. Yet last year we had to have bums like Conover in there messing us up.
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