Best Offense/Defense schemes for Titans on Madden

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by finz50, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. finz50

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    Trying to figure out which defensive and offensive scheme work best with the Titans (most realistic and helps player ratings?. I usually play 4-3 defense and Balance offense but especially with the defense, the player ratings drop a ton! What have you guys had good luck with?
  2. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Good to be back.

    Titans base defense is one of the best defensive playbooks in the game. It has 4-3 Stack (amazing) and 46 Bear (also amazing)

    4-3 Playbook has almost everything the Titans playbook has.

    For offense.... I roll with Carolina. I do a lot of runs out of shotgun. Especially Buck Sweep and Buck Sweep read option. Both in Trips Tight End I do believe. BEST running play in the entire game. Also from that formation you can run QB Wrap which is probably the 2nd best play in the game. Locker can run it very well.
  3. MikeJonesDrew

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    TBH i run custom on both offense and defense. I know some people dont like that but **** if its allowed ima do it. I dont always go for it on 4th down either. Normally i will if im beyond midfield or if i know i cant stop my opponent. Before i made my custom, which consists of mainly pistol, or shotgun, i have a iform, some singleback and one far form. I ran with the Chiefs, Washington or Saints playbook. The Saints have a running play if u folllow your blocks, its the best running play out of iform. I literally averaged 200-300 yards a game with CJ. Once u bounce outside free with him, psh.. its either 40 yards or a TD.

    I run options and alot of shotgun runs. Locker is mobile and QB options are deadly with the Titans. Even the triple option. On D i mixed in every kind of formation because in this game u need certain formations to get stops. On Madden 13, the Philly playbook is what i used. Picked my 5 play scheme on hurry up.. was nearly unstoppable besides fumbles or a bad throw. This year, i notice teams with QB options or the spread fits well. ( Saints, Patriots ) Put Britt and Hunter at TE on some plays

    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    Seattle offense and Titans defense is what I use.
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