Best Buy "admits" it has been ripping off customers

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    Ypres, on April 22, 1915. This was the first battle in which chemical gas was used in war, and the Germans sent yellow clouds of chlorine gas. French troops abandoned their position, and Canadian troops had to stretch their lines thing to fill in this gap and hold off the German offensive. It was a battle that over four days resulted in 6,037 Canadian casualties. - Canada and World War I

    Looks like I was wrong it was the Canadians - of all people - who had too save the French surrender monkies in WWI. Claiming the French fought hard is like saying Adam Jones tries hard to stay out of trouble. While it might be true, it is definatly true that their attempts were/are without any meaningful success.

    Why would the French want another WWI? The only reason they "won" is because other Nations decided to defend them from Germanic domination. The primary reason the French lasted even 5 weeks in WWII was because the Germans had difficulty overcomming the astonishingly bad service. Blitzkriegers don't march thru Paris on Panzers alone. It takes quality time in a French brothel to get a German army over the hump. The French understand this all too well and their strategy of "run away" held the Axis off for apparently a whopping 5 weeks.

    So we agree that the Brits won the air war over Brittain. And yes if Hitler was not an insane meglomaniac all of Europe would be united under German rule with one currency .... wait.
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    mmmm.... let's go outback tonight...
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