Bennett Optimistic About '06 Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    Not to mention, they had a good QB in Seatle that was throwing to their recievers. At least now we have a reciever that's closer to the #1 recieving mold as opposed to last year when all we had was Bennett. I still don't expect to much out of our WR corp. There is some potential there but we've been saying that about the whole team for the past three years and look where its got us. Nope, this year I'm going pesimistic with the hopes that I'm wrong once again.
  2. I excpect a lot out of our recievers this year, not as good as some of the other receiving corps around the NFL, but still a major improvement.

    Roby, Williams and perhaps Jones when he recovers should do well this season, even if not playing a major part.

    Calico is a ? this season
  3. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    I'd say Jones is more of a ? than Calico for this season. He may not really be able to play full speed until the end of the season. Calico may be on his last year, and he might once again fall short, but he'll definitely play some, and probably be really close to catching some passes that hit him in the hands.

    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    That's kinda funny, and true...Still I wouldn't want anyone on the team who doesn't believe ( really believe) that they can win...
  5. fltitan

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    I agree we will be much better at the wideouts this year,it will be hard to double more than one and have any chance of covering our TEs but the most important part of improving our passing offense is establishing the run. Last year DBs were able to play well off the line of scrimmage and Lbs didnt really worry about our run game. If we can run the ball effectively DBs have to cheat up and LBs will have to hold their ground on play action and it will slow down the pass rush. The OL and Coaches Fisher, Chow and Munch commitment to the run is the key to having a great passing attack. If Volek has time and receivers running open he can be deadly.
  6. smili

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    Darrell Jackson is a clear #1 in this league imho.
  7. Slipjack

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    Edit the last word to "stones":brow:
  8. Hoffa

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    Titans Way Street at BSP is renamed.....everyone is drinking up:)
  9. A.D.

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  10. Titansfan10

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    Well....Jones has an ACL tear which means he is going to probably be like calico was this past season...not able to go full speed, except he has more than 1 season to come back from it, id expect Roby to step it up, i like what we saw from him he showed some flashes and i believe if any of the younger recievers steps up that it would be him...who takes the #3 WR position? Calico or Roby....Orr?? I'd say Roby...pending Jones isn't able to go till later next season
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