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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TITANZFN09, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. RollTide

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    Tory holt?

    I'm not disagreeing with the basic premise that these guys can be replaced. I think someone will pick up the slack. I just disagreed with some of the methodology that's all.

    Bennett probably is about the 42nd best WR in the game and yes we can replace that.
  2. Soxcat

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    I'm not sure where Bennett ranks as far as being the 42nd best WR in the league simply because it is so hard to rate guys because of other factors. Was Bennett 42nd in the league in 2004? Where would Bennett rank league wise if he was on Indy? Who knows. People look at Bennett's stats last year and just assume he is a 700 yard per year WR. Mason in his hey day would not have broken 1000 yards last year.

    I think Bennett is going to be a little harder to replace than we may think (the Rams certainly think so) and without a healthy Givens, a guy who was arguably no better than Bennett when we signed him possibly done not just for this year but who knows if he can be anything close to what he was it would be nice to have a vet WR who knows the system and who could be depended on. People keep missing the cost of losing Bennett and Wade when they don't consider that we signed Gage and used 3 draft picks on WRs. How can anyone say these guys are easily replaced when we already have that much invested (not to mention the three draft picks two years ago).

    I hope Williams or Roby step up and fill that spot.
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    I do think that Bennett will be harder to replace than we think, but Wade no.. Not worried about that, I mean he did start comin on last season, but I'm not gonna worry over him. I do think however because Gage hasn't had the numbers to strike anyone's fancy don't count him out because he is a big physical reciever who has been in the league for a while and seems to be doin pretty good with our system. Roydell from what we hear is doin great and I have no doubt that Jones won't be a scrub. We just drafted 3 WR's maybe not CJ's or RM's, but they did produce good numbers in college and one of'em might even help us out more than we think C. Davis with the slot and returns. I think we should be fine.
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