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  1. A living legend. Staff

    SUMMARY: With second-year T Michael Roos moving over to the left side to replace the retired Brad Hopkins, the Titans are looking to fill the void at right tackle. Currently, Jacob Bell appears to have the lead and has been in the starting rotation so far during OTAs. Second-year T David Stewart is playing behind Bell and may improve to the level Bell could be moved back inside to guard if the Titans decide to release Zach Piller and his $2.5 million base salary. T Daniel Loper has been slowed with a wrist injury but may also play into the mix. "No decision has been made. I think we are just putting these guys out there and letting them compete," Offensive Line Coach Mike Munchak said. "Right now it is not that big of a deal who is out there. Who's out there now might not be the same in August, but how they perform will determine that. They can push each other and we'll see how it works out."

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  2. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    Great to have someone like Bell that can play more than 1position it creates depth and competion. If Stewart and Loper keep improving our guards may have a lot of competion to contend with. These young guys will improve but our veteran guards must play at a much higher level. We have to eliminate penalties, keep Volek on his feet and open holes for our rbs. If our guards play well we could be an exciting offense.
  3. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    Boy, the coaches sure aren't showing an ounce of excitement over any of these guys. :sleepy:
    It kind of sounds like they might want to add someone or shake things up somehow. Lets hope.

    And another thing. What the hell does Munchak mean by "I THINK we are just putting these guys out there ...".

    I'd sure like to think they have a plan! :flame:
  4. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I can understand Munch not wanting to commit to anything just after a few OTAs. My gut tells me Piller and his $2.5 mil base may be in trouble. If they find another use for that, Bell could move back inside and Stewart take over at RT.
  5. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    Piller "should" be a beast at LG - he absoutly has all the tools. Does he lack attitude, desire, aggression??? I have no idea what it is but he has never been the roadgrader he should be at LG. Always puzzeled me. Olson is a head shorter and, until 2005, was at least above avg, borderline All-Pro at RG and sometime opened huge holes.

    If I had to dump one of them it would be a no brainer to keep Olson.
  6. nigel

    nigel Back on the bus

    Especially since they just signed him to a 4 year extension.
  7. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    that aside - lol

    Olson's 2005 alone did not warrent any extension IMHO.
  8. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    IMO Reese should have been more aggresive and moved up the two or so spots and drafted Max Jean-Gilles instead of Calvin Lowry, a guy who possibly could have been available in a later round anyway. We probally could have made the deal without giving up our other 4th rounder and only losing our early 5th. Gilles was a darn good value in the late third and will probally be a starting OG in the NFL. Lowry may be only a STs player.

    With Gilles we could have let Pillar walk and used the extra $ to pick up a vet safety or CB if we needed one. Gilles at 350 pounds is more quick footed than Pillar. Pillar actually doesn't have "all the tools" to play OG. Pillar couldn't pull out in front of a ball carrier if his life depended on it. Pillar is very limited IMO. Gilles could also get a look at RT.

    I do like Bell better at RT than Stewart. Some of the best pass rushing DEs play on the left side of the defense. That is one of the reasons Kearse was so successfull early in his career. The slower footed RTs couldn't move well enough to stop him. That is one of the reasons KVB has been successfull. Bell has the athleticism and footwork to pass protect against quick DEs where I'm not sure Stewart can. Stewart is a better OG IMO.
  9. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    The Titans have already said they want to be quicker on the OL...not bigger and stronger. I think that's why they and many teams allowed Gilles to free fall on draft day. Gilles has good feet for a 350lb OG, but he's slow and his inital movement on the snap is slow. And yes, he's slower than Pillar and he can't really pull either. What Gilles does better than Pillar is make adjustments on the move to make better contact. Gilles may be slow, but he has good body control. Pillar is stiff and always has been.

    But the speed and agility is the thing that kept them from a player like Gilles.

    I do agree we could have grabbed a few different guys to help...but didn't.

    I don't think Munch knows who's gonna start nor even be on the roster right now so it's gonna be an open competition at RT if not also at OG. If Stewart and Bell are close at RT, then they'll compare Bell to our OG's and the 2 best players of the 4 will start.

    I also am hoping they can find a cheap vet RT unless someone REALLY steps up. The O-line was a huge weakness last year and we can't afford for it to be equally bad this season.

  10. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    I totally agree Gut the oline is the key to our season if Munch can get the right people in the right positions and they are productive it will make a huge difference in wins.
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