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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JEsports, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. mcmojo

    mcmojo Starter

    While I don't agree that the offense is not a problem - they are turning the ball over, not scoring, and not controlling the clock - I do like your spirit and your enthusiasm. I am just as frustrated as any Titans fan out there, but I won't let that stop believing. I kept believing the last time this team started 0-5 and that team nearly made the playoffs. And to be honest, that team was much less talented than the current team. Everything that could have gone wrong has so far this season. It has to get better at some point and I don't see any reason why it can't be against New England - the team that ended the playoff chances of the other 0-5 team. I like the full circle nature of it.

    I'm with you. I don't need people to tell me how many problems this team has - I have eyes and I have watched every second of every game this year. But this is the same roster as last year with a few exceptions and last year's team won 10 games in a row. I won't stop believing that this team can make the playoffs until they are mathematically eliminated. If you want to call me a homer, or unrealistic...fine. I like the way I see the world and my team. It's better this way for me than to wallow in misery and frustration.
  2. JEsports

    JEsports Practice Squad

    If i knew how to give a High Five, you would get one ;)
  3. BigD73OT

    BigD73OT NFL Free Agent

    If anyone is thinking about selling some tix...please think about DONATING them to me first.,,,it would be greatly appreciated :lol:
  4. titansfan89

    titansfan89 Starter

    i bought lower level seats at the 50 yard line to the Monday night game here in Houston :)

    and ill be ready to take on all the Texans fans that have somethin bad to say about us
  5. TitansJonne

    TitansJonne OG triple OG

    This TEAM, is a super bowl team. This is supposed to be our year. What we lack is a super bowl caliber coaching staff. When we fix that, then this team can finally reach elite status like the pats,giants, colts and steelers.
  6. JEsports

    JEsports Practice Squad

    I would agree that Fisher needs more involvement in the play calling on both sides of the ball ... We need to take more shots at getting to the QB then just sitting back trying to defend and rushing 3 linemen while QB's like Peyton, Schaub, hell even Garrard pick us apart. I am sure Fish knows this and hopefully he is working hard on it this week in practice and continues to work on it during the bye week. We need to make great improvement in these areas. A healthy Finnegan would definately help (I miss Chris Carr too :irked:).

    Chuck Cecil obviously needs a kick in the :grrr::grrr::grrr:, and Hdinger could use some guidance as well. If you got 3rd and 3 .. then run a 5 yard play and not a 25 yard play. The success rate will be a little better in keeping the ball in our hands, moving the chains, and time of possession. TOP is going to be a huge factor for us in the upcoming games.
  7. TheSureThing

    TheSureThing Straight Cash Homie

    lol. wake up and smell the coffee buddy...I hate to bash you for being up beat, but realistically we have no chance. We'll be 0-6 this time monday. And btw, Kerry Collins is a massive problem.
  8. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    This team has had 5 chances to impress the fans and EARN the fan's support. They have failed miserably in EACH game with poor coaching, poor execution and poor thinking.

    This is the worst overall team I've seen (especially with the supposed "talent" they have) this organization field. Top that off with a conduct policy that encourages fans to sit on their hands and keep their mouths shut- it is no wonder that many fans want to sell their PSL's. Home field advantage is for organizations that promote it- not destroy it.

    Watching my team get its azz handed to it is just as much fun in my den where $7.00 buys an entire six-pack and there isn't any line to the bathroom.
  9. guitarjunkie

    guitarjunkie We're Screwed...

    Y'all ever wonder if Bud wants to go to L.A??
  10. dbc5631

    dbc5631 Starter

    DEAD ON! Tremendous post and should be commended. I was on record saying the same thing. Not a mention of Vince Young and you seen this coming and Jeff Fisher seen it coming. Post more often JeSports!
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