Before we rid ourselves of VY consider this...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by moose4now, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. GoTitans3801

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    I feel a little dirty, but I agree with Gloat.

    Who around here doesn't hope that he does well? I wish he would step it up and be our QB for the next ten years. However, I'm not expecting it. The last year and a half have really shaken my ability to believe that it's going to happen. Even the Colts game last year was just another sad piece of evidence.

    The odds are that Collins remains the starter, no matter what happens in preseason. The odds are that he plays almost every game, and Vince doesn't see much field time during the season. The odds are that at that point, he isn't worth the major cap hit for next year, and he's asked to seriously restructure (if it can be done, I haven't seen the contract). It doesn't sound like he'd be willing to stick around for less, so I think he'd move on and give it a shot with another team. That's what I think will happen, but not what I'd hope for.
  2. Alex1939

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    I agree with all of that, but I do thing there are other ways he fixes the turnover problem.

    I remember a few Vince turnovers where we had several receivers downfield, but they were all decently covered, so Vince sort of threw up a prayer that wasn't directed towards anyone... at least I think and hope that's what it was. Our added weapons and the threat of CJ I also think will help Vince reduce turnovers. Even if its a pass at the knees, at least if its someone that has a few steps on a DB, the pass would be incomplete instead of potentially picked.

    Most of the problems are on Vince, but the more weapons should help.
  3. eds clothing

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    I agree with this I don't see him havening the opportunity this year at all I think the Titans will keep him on the side lines barring injury. From the training camp I seen Vy has improved and he will be on another team next year.
  4. TBC_titan

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    If Vince keeps improving proportionally to what he has been, and improves enough for other teams to be interested, I don't see why the Titans' FO wouldn't try to keep him.
    I don't see any team that would be interested in him, paying him what were paying him now. So if he does go to another team, chances are he's gunna take a decent pay cut to do it.

    If he keeps noticeably improving yet gets cut after this season, then to me that will make Fisher a liar, concerning his comments about Vince eventually being the QB the Titans drafted him to be (for the Titans, not another team...just so we're clear on that).
  5. amy

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    Going in another direction here:

    "Quarterbacking is all in the legs. You don’t even need a good arm. Of course, I work on it all, but it’s all in the legs." Vince Young

    Is qb-ing really all in the legs? I thought one had to have a strong arm. Really, I'm not trying to get anything started, it's just that I had never heard this before. Can someone help me out here? This quote came from the Tennessean, which has part of an interview with Vince by Esquire Mag.
  6. TBC_titan

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    Yes, in a sense. Quite a bit of it is in the footwork. I don't think Vince was talking about running when he was talking about legs.
    You ever heard or seen when QBs throw on the run or they 'throw off their back leg'? If you don't have the correct footwork/foot placement, it can affect your throwing/accuracy.
    A house is not much good if it doesn't have a solid foundation.
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    Hey, come on now! It's awesome up here.
  8. TorontoTitanFan

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  9. Deuce Wayne

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    That's where any arm strength comes from is the legs/lower body. In any sport. Boxing...punches generate from feet through the legs, hips, stomach, then arm. A baseball swing is a prime example. Launch from the lower body and you hit better. (wonder what Ryan Howard would be like if he tried this?)

    But you still need a strong arm though. Just as you need to be fit in the chest, shoulders, and stomach. It just starts at the legs.

    Sports Science. Out.
  10. moose4now

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    But, what has to be remembered is that the number on Collins birth certificate is ten years more than VY's. So, while Collins is starting games, one would hope that VY gets more than a just mop up duty in games.

    Because if he's our future starter (and I still think he oneday will be) they'll have to have him ready when for the day Kerry isn't our starter.
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