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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CRUDS, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. oilerstruck

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    I spent my early years in Houston before my father moved us to Indiana. The Dolts were still in Baltimore then. Thus I remained an Oilers fan, as I am still an Astros fan. I remember when Bud threatened to move the Oilers to Jacksonville and then settled on a renovation on the Astrodome. Thus his threat to move to Tennessee wasn’t taken seriously by Houston leaders. Since I now live in other state and my team move to another state, it seemed only natural to stay with same team I had supported all those years. I am glad the Titans merged in the Oilers colors into the new team uniforms. The Titans should never forget where they came from and that their foundation is found in the power of the mighty Oilers.
  2. Grandad worked with the Eagles, I was supposed to support them, and he bribed me by giving me tons of Eagles gifts that I really didn't care for, I remember liking the Oilers vaguely, Grandad gave me tons of videos and that's how I watched them, but when they moved to Tennessee and became the Titans, I started to support them, and actually get more into the sport as a whole. The irony is, my grandad was offered a job working for the Titans 2 years ago, but then he got cancer, and you know health insurance in the team will take him now...
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    I grew up a Chiefs fan, one SB win early in my life when I was around 10 or so then about 15 years of suffering before Schottenhiemer came along. I never thought Nashville could ever get a team so I changed and have rooted for the Oilers/Titans since.
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    Raider fan as a kid, Lamonica to Belenticoff - TD.

    Then they moved to LA and I dumped them like a ginger kid.

    From that point on it was the man law team of the year, plus Tampa Bay as a bonus - lol

    Oilers comming to Nashville stopped the team of the year stuff and it has been GoOilers and GoTitans ever since.

    BTW only about 7 more seasons till BA can move the team again.
  5. PhiSlammaJamma

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    I am an Oiler fan. Began in '79 aqt age 8. Still here. and waiting.
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    :lol: My friends say I'm a 'Day Walker'.

    By which time he won't even remember where his wig is let alone his team so we should be ok with that.:))
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