Before rematch, rankings have Texans ahead of Jags

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

    Our NFL power rankings voters didn't wait for Monday night. Collectively, we've already decided the Texans are a touch better than the Jaguars.

    Houston stands 23rd and Jacksonville 24th in the new rankings, even though the Jags won a head-to-head matchup in Florida on Sept. 28, 30-27 in overtime.

    Many of us rated recent events as more important. The Jags have lost two straight and the Texans are coming off their first road win of the season in Cleveland.

    Monday night at Reliant Stadium we'll see the rematch and know for sure who ranks as the AFC South's worst team.

    Side notes: Half of our 12 voters see the Titans as the second-best team to the Giants after Tennessee suffered its first loss of the season. The team that ended the winning streak, the Jets, got the other six second-place votes. But the Titans edged the Jets for second overall. The Colts tied Buffalo with the biggest gap, nine, between their highest and lowest vote. Mike Sando has Indy fourth; Pat Yasinskas 13th.

    Here is the weekly breakdown of the AFC South:

    AFC South Power Rankings
    Last Week
    This WeekPanel HighPanel Low1Tennessee12
    2126 A brief explanation of the one team where I was off on my own as the low vote by a semi-substantial margin:

    Minnesota is 17th and I have the Vikings 22nd. I didn't take a win at Jacksonville as a huge accomplishment, especially when the Jags did their best to hand the game away right from the start. I left a four pack of teams that lost -- Green Bay, San Diego, Philadelphia and Denver -- ahead of Minnesota. I think I'd pick all of them over the Vikings on a neutral field. If Minnesota can beat Chicago, it will be a big mover for me next week.

    The weekly line to Sando's excellent breakdown of the ballots.

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