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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ScotTitan, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. ScotTitan

    ScotTitan Starter

    After watching a very impressive Tulloch last night. I put the Stoolers game tape on, and particularly I watched Ruud. I can't believe how poor he was, a day late and a buck short on pretty much every play. Bowled over by RB's , beaten in the air up the middle, silly fouls all game long. By far his worst performance so far. I dont wanna cry over spilt milk(Tulloch), but what does everyone think about the chances of McCarthy starting at MLB now/this season?
  2. Sonic28

    Sonic28 Starter

    Didn't Munch say McCarthy has a hamstring injury now, and he'll be limited for a few weeks?

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    Barrett Ruud is a lousy tackler, that's what I took from Sundays loss. We will NOT go far if our MLB tackles worse than our free safety.
  4. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    I fully expect McCarthy will be the starter next season. There's a reason Ruud got next to no interest as free agent and only signed a one-year deal with the Titans. He's not an impact player. That said, I still believe Tulloch is also a very one-dimensional player (his one dimension is good, but he is lacking for sure) and letting him go was probably the right move.

    The long-term answer at MLB for the Titans wasn't going to be Ruud or Tulloch. It just might be McCarthy, though. I am excited to see more of McCarthy, but it looks like that's on hold since he is dinged up.
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  5. amy

    amy Starter

    I can't believe the FO thinks these guys are washed up or too expensive. What's expensive is buying cheap and getting cheap. Ruud was cheap and he's playing cheap. Tulloch and VB were let go because they wanted paid what they are worth. If the player helps you win games, then pay him for it. Don't shove him out the door and buy some cheap imitation.
  6. World Peace

    World Peace Let's Go Boys

    unless its chris johnson

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    Ruud is getting $4M this year from us. Vanden Bosch had no choice, he wasn't getting re-signed.

    But I do agree with "If the player helps you win games, then pay him for it", but neither KVB or Tulluch helped us win much. Their best games came from us losing.
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  8. pettso

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    The worse your offense plays, the more field time your defense will see. So I'm pretty sure that most defensive players will have their best individual games in a losing effort, mainly because of the number of snaps they see.

    I don't really know how I feel about letting Tulloch go yet. Ruud hasn't been too terrible outside the Steelers game where our whole team was terrible.
  9. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    I see Ruud out-of-position too often. He's sliding over to help cover a TE and can't get back before a ball is caught in the space he is supposed to occupy. He's making tackles but it's often guys who have already picked up four years.

    Like the Titans OL, the LBs need more nasty in their game.
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  10. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    I'm not all that impressed by Tully. The Bears are horrible! After all, with how terrible the Bears OLine is, Forte still put up 130 on the Lions and Tully, not impressed at all.

    We do need more plays out of Ruud tho. Same could be said about Griffin.
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