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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    There has been talk in the past few weeks of saving money against the cap by not suiting up Steve McNair... something like 10-14 million that could be added to the "mad money" fund... ok... so I hear we were 6 million under before the new CBA and now it's gonna shake out around 10-14, that being said... it looks as if the Titans could spend @ 10 million garnering at least an extra ten million which could be spent on LB's, S, OL, WR...ect... now... I love Steve McNair but RollTide's post really hit home with me today... People...It seems that McNair is not an elite qb and hasn't been for some 2 seasons or so... There is Volek, the draft and FA...sooooo... Is Steve McNair really worth what Reese is working out? I'm really sentimental about the guy, and honestly, I don't want to see Steve in Oakland, Miami, Minnesota, ect... but, what if we saved what we could against the cap by letting Steve just go on...maybe even trade for a third, however unlikely... Seems to me the topic here is a little more fresh when you figure the bigger cap #'s in... Do we step up and be an bigger player in FA? Should we shop QB's? Anybody still for Cutler, Leinart, Young??? Even draft a QB, start Volek?
  2. bigreese82

    bigreese82 Camp Fodder

    I had the same questions but I am believing more and more that Adams doesn't want to spend alot of money on FAs now. Maybe I'll be proven wrong but the way the word filters to us is that we won't be major players in the FA market. Why? We have the cap room..maybe because he wants to see what Fisher and Reese will do with developing the young players. Maybe he's waiting on next year, when a new coach and possibly a new GM will be here to let that coaching staff go after players
  3. maximus

    maximus Starter

    I dont think Adams is about to fire his GM and Coach in the same offseason. Adams has 3 feet in the grave and is old enough to have gone to school with George Washington. He is fine with what has because it has taken him to the SB once and can do it again, once they get out of the salary cap mess
  4. nigel

    nigel Back on the bus

    One of the things that people forget is that not only do we have more cap room, every team has more cap room. So we are still in the same position as far as the ability to sign big name free agents as we were before. The teams that could afford them better than us three days ago can still afford them more than we can.
  5. Well, earlier we didn't have enough money to sign any big names. Now we can. So you could argue that we are in better shape than before while the teams that already had room don't gain as big a percentage of free cap room.

    And for what it's worth, if they don't use all this cap room to sign new free agents, they can use some to lower future cap figures.
  6. theprizdfighter

    theprizdfighter Newb to the 19.5°

    If we keep McNair we should take Young and trade Volek.
    Release/Trade McNair take Leinart/Cutler and start Volek.

    They may use this new money to get Hopkins back or restructure McNair's deal. They also could use it to re-sign Tank, Hartwig, and Kassell. I like resigning Tank and Hartwig, but not Kassell. We could get D'qwell Jackson from Maryland in the 2nd round.

    I also like Cato June from Indy. I believe he is a FA, he'd be good opposite Bulluck.
  7. I don't want Volek at the Titans anymore, he seems like a waste of space to me. I want to trade Volek, bring Young (or whatever QB you like from the draft), and keep Mcnair to tutor the new QB.

    I don't want to bring back Hopkins although like theprizdfighter said, bring in D'qwell Jackson. I don't like Kassels lack of athletisism.

    I want to a decent WR from free agency, but there really is none that grab my attention over than Givens, who is #2 option but is pretty decent.

    Owner and Player Greed Is Killing Our Chances for This Year!!!
  8. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    There is always the possibility Reese signs Haynesworth to a long-term deal and frees up even more money if he needs it.
  9. They wouldn't save any cap room on a new deal for Haynesworth.
  10. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Why not?
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