Barnes hold enables, undoes giant play

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky DENVER -- Jaguars fans may be lamenting the hold called against left tackle Khalif Barnes, but he clearly kept Elvis Dumervil from bothering David Garrard while the quarterback arched a spectacular 69-yard pass to Troy Williamson. Williamson had only a little bit of a lead on Dre Bly down the middle of the field and advanced the ball to the Denver three-yard line.
    But the penalty clearly helped create the play and the Jaguars moved backward instead.
    Garrard returned to shorter, dink-and-dunk style stuff. The Jaguars have to hope another big-play opportunity presents itself somewhere along the way.
    Meanwhile Jaguars running back Fred Taylor is out after a blow to the head by linebacker Nate Webster, which forced a fumble. Taylor, draped in a sideline coat, just strolled back to the locker room. His return is questionable.

Thread Status:
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