Barf for Barkley...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by cdubbs2121, Sep 16, 2012.

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    I hate to be that guy to panic and talk about tanking but after seeing us play live today...this is probably the worst team in ten years. Maybe WR is our strength but it's gonna be a long year for those guys.

    I cheered and made excuses for Vince Young for years all the while knowing in my heart that Vince just didn't have IT and was a scrub.

    Locker seems like a great dude, tough, good leader....but the same excuses people made for him at Washington have followed him here. I wish he would succeed and there's flashes of brilliance ( VY style) but Ive seen enough already with the accuracy. He misses wide open guys and the drives stall. He's probably not a scrub but he doesn't have that IT factor.....I think a lot of people have become comfortable at 8-8 but you need a superstar at QB to win in this league.

    I think well be in running for worst team easily and you slam me and say I'm an idiot and panicking fan after a loss but jesus. Two weeks in, two embarrassments.....don't see it getting any better. Coaching fail, o line fail, CJ fail, Dline fail, covering the TES (a couple of BUMs) epic fail. This season is gonns be a long hard road out of hell and it might just time to consider the chosen one. Blonde hair, killer instinct, the prototype...(as long as we don't play stanford)...and if he sucks...well we tried to get a real franchise #1

    It may be time to BARF FOR BARKLEY!!! #1 pick here we come!! Or shart for Bark, that kinda works too.

    Let the beasting begin.
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    Kill this thread..
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    no to barkley... if we're going to take a QB in the draft... it's gotta to be geno smith
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    I was wondering how long it would be before we saw one of these.

    Sorry a QB playing in his second start surrounded by a crap team didn't impress you.
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    Hoping for Barkley just shows how little you know about SC and the QBs they churn out. Name one QB that SC has put out in the last decade that's still worth talking about. You can't. All hype and no follow through.
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    Even worse.
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    has more touchdowns than incompletions... barkely 60%
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    NO way we take a QB we must draft all offensive lineman and a real running back!
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    Ya know, as crazy as the thought of drafting Barkley is... with the new rookie wage scale it would be very possible to carry two 1st round QBs on a single roster. I think there's about a 0% chance of the Titans doing that (if they were even in the position to). But I bet it's only a matter of time before some team drafts two first round QBs within a year or two of each other. Then just see which one turns out to be better and trade/cut the other. Sure you'd effectively be wasting a 1st round pick but if you end up with a legit franchise QB it'd be well worth it.