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    Former Vanderbilt tight end Brandon Barden has paid his dues on the Titans practice squad.

    He’s on the verge of getting rewarded, unfortunately because of the season-ending shoulder injury to fellow tight end Jared Cook. Barden is expected to be called up to the 53-man roster this week when Cook is placed on injured reserve.

    “Jared has been a great mentor for me,’’ Barden said. “He has helped me a lot… Our game is kind of similar as far as a receiving threat, so I’ve always looked to him for suggestion on certain plays. He’s always been there for me. He shot me a text message this morning wishing me good luck and I wish him the best too.”

    Barden was signed as an undrafted free agent in May. He recorded 107 receptions for 1,234 yards at Vanderbilt.

    “My body feels good, I have taken a lot of reps on practice squad, giving looks to the first team defense,’’ Barden said. “I feel like I am ready to roll. Whatever they ask me to do, whether it’s special teams or any offensive plays, I am ready to do it.”

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