Bandwagon fans.

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    Kinda crap. I know my town (central IL) is about 50/50 between Packer and Bears fans.
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    If we were in the NFC I would hate the Seahawks.

    If the Seahawks were still in the AFC I would hate them.

    I mean, I was seriously upset when we lost the game in Seattle this season... And not one part of me was happy for the Seahawks. My allegiance will always be with the Titans, but damn... you gotta be able to find a team to root for when we aren't playing.
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    I am pretty much a mutt I guess. Born in Missouri and have lived in 5 other states since getting out of college. I grew up a St. Louis Cardinal fan (used to the abusive relationship from inept ownership/management, which is probably why I can hang as a Titan fan now), which pretty much ended when they left the state. I went through a period of time where I really had no team, then I became a Titan fan after watching McNair and Eddie play together when the Titans (then Oilers) started playing in Memphis while watching the stadium come out of the ground (worked in downtown Nashville back then). Living in Wisconsin now, I catch a lot of flack for not wearing the cheese on the head, but oh well.

    I don't really care about the bandwagon fans, but I can't understand how they do it. With the Titans out (again), I am not rooting for teams at this point, but I am rooting for players. I really like Russell Wilson (became a fan of his when he played in Wisconsin), and love him or hate him, I have admired Manning's comeback from his injury (more fun to watch when we are not playing him twice a year). I am rooting for a good game, and am also rooting for crappy weather.

    One final close as the NFC north teams (Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, Green Bay) are to each other, there is actually quite a bit of overlap in the fan base. Where I live in Wisconsin (actually closer to Chicago than Green Bay) it is nearly a 50/50 split (although the majority here are still Packer fans).
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    Yeah. I'm an hour closer to Nashville than Indy, and the split is about 80 percent Colt fans, 17 percent other fans, and maybe 3 percent Titans fans.

    I know of maybe 3 or 4 more Titans fans in my city. under 10. (Ryno here is one, but I've never met him)Never see Titans apparel.
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    Things might change for us real Titans fans in the future. I personally would be very excited to be welcoming bandwagon fans this time of year. I think the passing of Bud Adams was just what this team needs. Everyone hated that guy except for us loyal fans who had more of a love/hate relationship with the rich old crazy man! I think the media hated Bud for many reasons, but the whole way he came into the league was pretty gangster. His impetuous personnel decisions certainly didn't help the national media presence. With Tommy, I would have to say so far, so good. It certainly looks better on paper than anything Bud helped put together. Perhaps with some wins we can turn the corner and get some national respect.
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    Maybe they are just doing what we are doing-picking a team to root for come SB day. I'm rooting for Denver. I'm not a fan of any west coast team. Don't ask me why. I don't know, but it's likely irrational thinking on my part. :D
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    I agree no one cares about the NBA.
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    Right on the cusp! Be careful, there is a line. YOUR NAME WILL GO ON THE LIST.

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    I agree, I hoped they let him go. Then I heard the Titans would sign him so I'm glad the Bears kept him. I know where my true loyalty lies.

    But if the Titans are out and the Bears are in the playoffs, BEAR DOWN!