Bandwagon fans.

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    ya well. As a bail agent, I am a true believer in the fact that people ALWAYS know what they are doing. Accidents happen, but people always think things through to themselves before they make decisions. (however flawed some thinking is) So, when these fake fans you speak of jump from winning team to winning team, they know...... they can't possibly be deriving true enjoyment of watching "their" team win.... for some teams, FINALLY win. So, IMO, they never really get the true team experience. I am from the SF bay area. I grew up there. Would be terribly easy for me to be a 49ers fan. Nah, I root for the home team, always.
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    Yeah, I reside just outside of Philly, so I am a die hard Flyers/Phillies fan...and I also show love for the Eagles, even though the Titans are my#1 and I have ties in TN. It's just the right thing to do
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    Couldn't have picked a worse bandwagon to jump on.
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    cowboys???? Haha
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    I feel ya Titanup1982! All season long I hear these MFs talk sh!+ about how great the cowboys are gonna be. Then after their season goes kaput they go on and on about people being cowboys haters. Now, every cowboys fan and their mama that I know are all on the Broncos bandwagon. I see a couple of people jumping on Seattle's but mostly on Denver's.

    Like you mention I bet a lot of these people on Seattle's jock don't remember Ricky Watters or even Shaun Alexander or that they used to be in the AFC.
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    I don't understand how people have two favorite teams. "Well the Titans didn't make it to the playoffs so i want the Broncos to win it because their my 2nd team." Next thing you know that person turns into the biggest fan until next season plays out. Their are teams I prefer to win over others if the titans aren't in contention but I don't understand how you like two teams equally the same unless your Archie MAnning. I'm just a believer either your all in with one team or your not. That is how you have bandwagon fans.
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    LOL. But in all seriousness, how could anyone chose the Seadderal Hawks' bandwagon to jump on? That team is littered with cheaters and crappy attitudes all throughout, starting with the head coach of course. Say what you want about Manning, but he treats the game with integrity and honor and you can't say that of the Cheathawks.
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    I don't have a 2nd team.Im Titans all the way good or bad
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    you know who doesn't care about bandwagon fans?

    The NFL, and all 32 franchises.

    They want bandwagon fans. They love them. I was a Bandwagon Titans fan in the 1999 playoffs.. That's how a lot of good, long fan-bases are built.

    Had the Titans not made the AFC Championship game/SB back then, I would probably be a Colts fan today.
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    Not sure if they're bandwagon fans, or just rooting for another team.

    For example, my roommate is a diehard Vikings fan. Similiar to how many of us are with our beloved Titans. However, he still roots for the Broncos. He's always enjoyed watching Peyton Manning play and claims the Broncos as his current AFC team. If the Vikings & Broncos played, he'd be 100% rooting for the Vikings, but most of us have that team that we root for when our team is trash. Normally an exciting team to watch, mines been the Saints for a few years. Big difference for me between a "fan" and a "die-hard fan".

    That might not be the case here, but let's hope so - otherwise burn the bandwagoner. My #1 pet peeve in sports: bandwagon "die-hards".
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