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    There's really no sense in judging the draft as soon as it's over. None of these players will even play a snap of competitive ball (that we'll see anyway) until preseason.
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    The front office put a value on people, they brought plenty in to try to improve, especially the center position. Are you suggesting that they should throw 10 million a year at a center worth 5-6? Just to get them here?

    We have a rest of the team to worry about.

    Oh, and we signed someone to play DE, which was a NEED as I recalled. Just because its not who you wanted, doesnt meant hey didnt address it. It means YOU didnt get who YOU wanted.

    Okay, well lets just go ahead and be up front and honest. I had to insult people, but the Titans have a lot of retarded fans.


    Took players that left many scratching their heads?

    Washington is gone after next season, and the team knows they cannot rely on Brittle to stay healthy. Hopefully he can, but nothing has given us the reason to think he can yet. Im sure you watched last season, but do you remember it? What did our passing become after Britt went down? Its easy to put all the blame on Hass. However, we had scrub WR's that took a step in the right direction last season. resting your passing offense on a guy who has played 31 out of 49 games in his first 3 years, isnt the brightest idea. That explains the first draft pick.

    The second, ive stated many times. How many times did we get burned by TE's last season? Especially on 3rd and longs?? Many times, because our TE's didnt cover. Next season, we have 6 games against top 10 TE's in the league. Not to mention how Luck will be looking for his old buddy hes been throwing to for a few years in college MANY tiems in his rookie year, and we play them twice. So thats 8 games where we know that a teams TE's are going to be a huge factor. Thats half our season. Kind of important imo.

    3rd round pick, no one will argue with.

    Your words

    they need to step away from control.

    So because the FA's didnt want to sign with us, or we wouldnt overpay for them, then they are to blame and you want to get rid of them?

    Living in reality is not what you are doing. Some people are willing to give the front office a chance after last years draft. Let me remind you of last years draft..... Locker, Ayers, Casey, McCarthy, Klug. Thats 5 players who have/will fill needs. Ayers isnt THAT impressive, but is still a decent LB who will have a year under his belt.

    Your reality is sign everyone who will help the team, regardless fo their price. I hate to be mean when I say this, but you are the one living in the warped reality. Successful teams build through the draft. Just ask the redskins who tried to fill every position with players in the FA.

    the problem with people like you (and im not insulting you), is that because things didnt go how YOU wanted them to, you think the front office is stupid. They make their livings doing this. YOu read a few things and post on a message board.

    The front office will mess up, no doubt, but EVERY SINGLE front office in the league messes up. ITs football. Its the life of football. its just how it is.
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    I'm content with the draft, I'm not happy, I'm not mad either. I really wanted a D lineman in the 1st, but the possiblilty of britt going down again is always mucho grande, and like Alzarius said, Wash will probably burn out in a year or so, especially if he keeps getting laid out the way he did last year.
    I am happy with Brown the LB pick in the 2nd, hes fast and can cover with some good coaching, I was also very pleased with the pick of Mike Martian, i would have done a back flip if i didn't already know I'd break my neck in the process of trying.
    Other areas of need, I'm not really that worried, we can still pick up a center, Corner? have we forgotten about Verner and McCourty, also hawkins and Campbelle showed flashes of being futer solid starters,
    And last of all my concers. Saftey. I'm happy with Babs, but if Griff keeps pus$n out, then we just need to B.... slap him and bench him while he watches footage of his days at Texas, until he gets back to that football mentality
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    woops, typo, funny though, that happens to be my favorite looney tunes char.
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    murrykline depresses me. Dude never has a positive post.
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    lol.. there should be a general rule if you have more it sucks than high fives..
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    Look. We've all been guilty of it before. We want one of the few names most of us have bothered to read, see, ID, etc. He who gets the most media attention that appeals to whatever it is that resonates within us.

    Who teams draft is beyond their control until it's their turn to pick. 32 guys are gone by the next time. Guys get passed over many times because someone else is a higher priority, a better player, a better fit, and on and on and on. And at the end of all of that, they have to be adult enough to actually come to a consensus. Unlike most fans.

    People beg for trades like it's an automatic thing, as though people don't try to screw each other in negotiations all the time. Oh, by the time teams get serious about discussing the majority of these trades, they are operating under some sort of time limit. Yet most of us want to take the Nike approach, and Just Do It. Not so easy.

    If the Titans thought they could have gotten a starter at C in this draft they would have picked one. They have 3 potential centers on the roster not named Amano. Clearly they felt none of those were better or more valuable to the team at this point than the players they drafted.

    Some trends to point out: fast players relative to their positions in most cases; 4-year starters; high character guys; players who will allow for greater flexibility on both sides of the ball.

    I've watched the Titans draft everyone in the team's history. There will always be hits and misses, but I can say the unity of the FO has grown stronger in each year beginning with the departure of Reese, and then Fisher. Popular don't matter. Better is what matters.

    We'll all have to wait and see on that. But I feel some patience for the FO has been earned. Might as well give it since nothing done this weekend can be changed.
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    1. Jake Scott was a horrible player on the OL last year. He was largely responsible for the under performance of the OL. We let him walk and signed Steve Hutchinson. Yes his better days are behind him but he's still playing at a much higher level than Jake Scott. Hutchinson has blocked for premier RB's like AP & Shaun Alexander before, he knows how to handle CJ. He's also good friends and a long time teammate of Matt Hasselbeck, they'll excel together too.

    2. We signed Kam Wimbley who is a much better pass rusher than JJ. JJ failed at DE and he's too small to play DT for us in our new style. We struggled with pass rushing as mentioned, Wimbley is a MUCH better pass rusher than JJ. And Wimbley doesn't have a history of injuries, JJ does. Just look at the contracts the two signed, Wimbley was met with a high market and JJ a very low one (signed a 1 year deal). We improved DE with these moves.

    3. As much as I love Finnegan, to pay 10mil for a CB is insane. You just don't dish out that much money to a CB. IF you have a good pass rush, it's not difficult to play well in safety. I'll miss Finnegan as much as the next Titan, but I agree with not paying him 10 mil.

    4. Franchising Griffin for 6.? mil was good. I agree he played soft that year but it was a weak S class (draft & FA) and you can't have too much turnover in the secondary at once.

    5. Kendall Wright was a good 1st round pick. I wanted defense like the next guy but we took BPA. A ton of experts are extremely sold on this pick, Irvin called it weeks ago. Both Irvin & Mayock call Wright a "special player" and Irvin knows what it takes to be a great WR. With a thought process, this was a good pick.

    6. A lot of fans are angry at the Zach Brown pick and I admit I was one of them. I'm still not sold on it, but I'm not extremely angry at it. The fans hate this pick, but a lot of scouts & experts seem to like it. He's a speedy LB who can cover TEs, we've sucked at that for years. We'll see how this works out.

    7. Mike Martin was an excellent pick, we can all agree. He'll create a good tandem with Casey. Klug is still our pass rushing DT, we got a good run stuffer in Martin to put next to Casey.

    8. Sensabaugh was a surprise to many but he had a 4th round grade on him. Many considered a sleeper, we took him at the right spot.

    9. Thompson is raw but a good risk to take with a 5th rounder. He has the frame & athletic ability to be really special.

    10. Mk. Martin was a great value pick, held back due to an injury. With both Griffin & Babineaux being short term fixes, this is a good pick.

    11. We saw a DE prospect we liked and we traded up to get him. It's a 7th round pick we had to acquire, he was clearly our guy. No complaints here.

    Hope I helped explain the "logic."
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    Maybe correct it may not be as bad as it looks. But I do not see how anyone can justify the trade up in the 5th round to take a TE that never caught one pass! Not one! Just because he is big and ran well. That is one of the biggest head scratchers ever! Not addressing the C issue is another problem with many of us. Amano is terrible and when we changed out one player the center, we cant run the ball the same and yet we kept throwing the guy out there. After the Indy game he should have been cut. His salary is crazy 4.66 million. We could really use a power back.