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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by 954titan, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. davidsrobbins

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    Just about everyone in the world knows the Titans chances are over this season, I can't believe there are still people hanging on. Heck even the players in the locker room have admitted it.

    The article addresses all these issues, the Titans have no reason to play KFC right now. Sure he might be the better qb today but that does us no good 24 months from now, we need to move on.
  2. Waylander

    Waylander Tongue tied and twisted.

    I'll be the first to admit the defense hasn't lived up to expectations however I personally feel that if our offense would have less three and outs and turnovers the defense would look a lot better.
  3. 954titan

    954titan Camp Fodder


    I agree. All last year we heard how KFC didnt lose games which was great but now we someone to win some damn games and Collins aint it.

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    Well I've found it interesting that everyone who beats us loses the following game. And if I'm not the Titans I would love to be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th team to play you and the Titans Jeff Fisher. because they've all beaten you.
  5. Waylander

    Waylander Tongue tied and twisted.

    I agree. Outside of the Houston game I really felt like our offense has been awful to watch, and the offense that game was CJ. I read a bit ago that we've already turned the ball over 14 times. That's 14 more drives the other team has gotten free, I'm not sure where we were at at this point in the season last year but I guess I'm in the minority here, if we fix the offense the defense should fix itself. And by fix I don't mean dominate like last years but it should keep us in games if we quit giving the opponent the ball on our side of the field. It's a wonder teams aren't scoring more than the 10 extra points were giving up on D.
  6. TygerNeo

    TygerNeo Camp Fodder

    Anyone here who thinks we had a great offensive production against Houston is in denial. CJ had huge runs against the worst run defensive team in the NFL and KC got some passing yards on a gift since CJ was not even covered on that long pass play. Our pass coverage defense was exposed in the Houston game as well as a lack of getting sacks or hurried passes. Run defense is still solid IMO.

    KC is not the answer at QB anymore, put VY in the game.
  7. jreal26

    jreal26 Camp Fodder

    This offense is being asked to run like a well oiled machine with a Playmaking signal caller at the helm! We can't ask Collins to do what he's never been able to do, not even in his prime. Collins hasn't lost anything off of what he was able to do last year. He's the exact same QB, he's just being asked to do more. If we were playing Great Defense and running the ball effectively we could keep the game close and try to win it in the 4th.

    This week should be the ultimate test of how to proceed going forward. At 0-4 we have little to no chance at the playoffs but there's still a glimmer of hope. A coach like Jeff Fisher who's gone on runs before isn't willing concede the season by benching Collins just yet. He probably also has reservations about running Young out against the Colts on Sunday Night. If he turns to Young it would be on a much smaller stage like against the Jags coming off the bye.

    Going back to the Colts game Sunday night; We usually play the Colts tough because we're usually more physical up front. If we were to more equally divide the carries between Lendale & CJ we could cause some problems for the Colts. We have to recapture the tenacity along our OLine in the running game. If we can establish the line of scrimmage we can at least keep Manning off the field. Our problems will only increase by simply running the crap out of CJ against a very fast defense. LenDale needs to see action to help soften up their middle and CJ needs to be used in space.

    Ideally you don't ask Collins to throw it 40 times and you allow him to pick and choose his throws downfield in order to limit turnovers. If he can avoid turnovers and threaten the seam, and deep to intermediate he can help loosen the running lanes for Smash & Dash.

    If we execute a perfect gameplan and keep the Colts at bay then great, move forward with Kerry. If not, at 0-5 start Kerry once more against the Pats and if it gets out of hand bring Vince on in relief. Once you insert Vince, give him the bye week to prepare as a starter and roll with him the rest of the season.
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