Awesome story of Dog Loyalty

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Alex1939, Sep 14, 2012.

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    I like my dogs better than 90% of people, that is a true story and not much of an exaggeration.
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    Fo sho. I have one and he's the coolest, funniest, sweetest dog I've ever had. I have another dog too. She's some kind of weird mix. Pit with some kind of smaller dog. No one can seem to figure out her mix. She's one of the weirdest looking dogs. Really cool too, but she's more laid back/lazy than the other one.
  3. Alex1939

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    Here's one about a cat.

    Basically the wife is working in the home office, cat goes crazy, she picks it up and walks out into the living room where husband is having a heart attack. She does CPR until paramedics arrive which are able to revive him and get a heart beat.

    Without the cat going psycho she never would've left the office and dude would've died.

    Animals are much smarter than the credit they receive.
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